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Buckle Up, Pup! The Ultimate Guide to Small Dog Car Seats for a Safer (and Stylish) Ride!

Not only are car seats incredibly stylish but they also offer much-needed comfort so you won’t hear any complaints on long journeys ever again!
Buckle Up, Pup! The Ultimate Guide to Small Dog Car Seats for a Safer (and Stylish) Ride!

Does your small dog love going for a ride in the car?

You can now keep your pup comfortable and safe while riding with you! With car seats designed specifically for small dogs, you'll never have to worry about them being uncomfortable or unsafe during rides.

Look for an interior that is well-padded, giving your pet plenty of cushioning and support during the entire journey. Plus, it should include safety features like adjustable straps that secure around headrests or seatbelts, making sure they stay put even when taking sharp turns.

Not only are car seats incredibly stylish but they also offer much-needed comfort so you won’t hear any complaints on long journeys ever again! Enjoy going out on leisurely drives without leaving Fido behind, as this cozy spot will make traveling with him more enjoyable than ever before.

Get your pup a comfy spot in the car today - shop online now!

How We Choose The Best

It's hard to keep your small furry friends safe and secure on car rides.

From road trips to vet visits, dogs should be restrained to minimize distractions for both the driver and the dog. But traditional seatbelts are often too large or uncomfortable for small dogs.

We reviewed the best dog car seats! Built with love specifically for small dogs, they provide a comfortable, snug fit that keeps your pup safe and secure at all times. Enjoy worry-free car rides with the best dog car seats!

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best car seats for small dogs. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

URGVANZ Small Dog Car Seat

Best For Dogs Under 25 lbs

Urgvanz's Small Dog Car Seat

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Why We Like It

URGVANZ's Small Dog Car Seat – is the perfect solution for pet owners looking to travel with their small pup in style and comfort! Our perfect dog car seat is designed especially for short, small puppies like Yorkie mix, Chiweenie, and Bichon with the size of 21.6 in (L) X 18.8 in (W) X 12.2in (H).

We understand that your pup is part of your family, which is why we made sure to make our car seat durable yet comfortable! Our car seat is designed with sturdy high-strength fabric, complete with a double-needle reinforcement process to make it scratch-resistant. Inside, it’s completed with soft plush PP cotton, giving your pet a cozy spot to rest during even bumpy trips.

Not only that, but the convenience of our dog car seat doesn’t stop there! Taking care of the car seat is easy with its all-in-one design. You can put it directly into the washing machine for a softly clean or better hand wash. Plus, there are storage pockets on both sides for holding all of your pet’s daily essentials, like food, toys, and accessories.

At URGVANZ, we make sure that we deliver quality products that will not only maximize your pup’s comfort but also take care of your convenience throughout your travels. So get your Small Dog Car Seat today and make sure your pup is cozy and comfortable every time you hit the road.

What Else You Should Know

Traveling with your furry friend just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the adjustable buckle design of this dog bed for the car. Installing it is a breeze - simply attach the buckle to the top and back of your car seat and adjust the straps to your preferred length.

It's versatile too, fitting most car types and seats, so you can install it in both the front and back of your car. Safety is also a top priority, which is why we've included a safety leash so your pet stays securely in place while you drive. And with the non-slip bottom, you won't have to worry about the bed sliding off the seat while you're on the go.

Get ready for a stress-free road trip with your furry best friend!

BurgeonNest Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs

Best For Dogs Under 25lbs

BurgeonNest Dog Seat For Small Dogs

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Why We Like It

Who says your furry best friend can't travel in comfort and style? With the BurgeonNest Dog Seat for Small Dogs, your pup can travel in the lap of luxury! This stylish car seat is perfect for small pups and is designed to keep them safe and secure during car rides.

Crafted with sturdy oxford fabric with thicker coating and reinforced with double stitches, the BurgeonNest Dog Car Seat will ensure that none of your precious cargo gets left behind. Its fluffy padding is comfy enough that your pup could sleep on it during even the longest of rides.

For added convenience and security, the dog car seat comes with built-in zippers and a stuffing bag that can easily be taken out and cleaned. It also features adjustable straps and buckles that can be used to keep your pup in place, while the bottom also features anti-slip rubber dots that will keep the seat from sliding.

This means that you can stay focused on the road while knowing that your pup is safely and comfortably situated in the backseat.

Make sure you and your pup travel in comfort and safety - get the BurgeonNest Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs today!

What Else You Should Know

Traveling with your furry friend just got easier with the adjustable buckle design car seat for dogs. It can be installed effortlessly, with just a simple fix of the buckle to the top and back of the seat, and the adjustment of the straps. Plus, its versatility allows for installation in both the front and back seat of your car.

That's not all, as this car seat for dogs comes with large capacity storage bags, making it convenient for you to store your pets' essentials and save on space. The cushion is two-sided, with one side being soft fluff and the other Oxford- perfect for all seasons and ideal for dog carriers & travel products.

SlowTon Dog Booster Car Seat

Best For Dogs Under 15 lbs

SlowTon's Dog Booster Seats

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for the safest way to bring your furry family member along on your trips? Then you’re in the right place! SlowTon’s Dog Booster Seats are the perfect companion. It has been fully upgraded to provide your pup with maximum comfort and safety while you’re on the road.

Thanks to the metal support frame reinforced with stainless steel bars and adjustable safety straps, the dog booster seats will fit snugly in most cars, vans, and SUVs while holding firmly in shape with no risk of collapse. There are also non-slip rubber spots on the bottom to ensure that it doesn’t slide around.

Your pup will enjoy the mesh windows on three sides for ventilation and visibility, and the top and front parts that unzip for easy access. Plus, the built-in seat belt tether allows your pup to be safely secured while on the move. And you’ll be thankful for the reusable pet pee pad on the bottom, which keeps the seat clean and fresh.

So the next time you’re planning to hit the open road, make sure your best friend is coming along too – safely and in complete comfort – with the SlowTon Dog Booster Car Seat.

What Else You Should Know

Keep your furry friend safe and comfortable during road trips with our adjustable buckle design car seat for dogs. This easy-to-install car seat only requires you to fix the buckle to the top and back of the seat and use its adjustable strap length. Whether you prefer your pup to ride shotgun or in the back seat, our car seat fits most kinds of car seats and car types.

You'll also appreciate the storage space on either side of the small dog car seat to keep your pet's daily necessities close at hand. The two-sided cushion provides ultimate flexibility for all-season use, with one side featuring fluffy warmth and the other side showcasing durable Oxford fabric. Make traveling with your pup a joy with our car seat!

Dog Car Seat for Small Dog Center Console Seat Pet Booster Seat for Car Puppy Car Seat for Small Dogs(Brown)

Best For Dogs Under 8 lbs

Dog Center Console Seat

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for a safe seat for your small pet that won't take up an entire passenger seat? Look no further! The Small Dog Center Console Seat is the perfect solution for you and your four-legged friend. This well-made pet car seat is perfect for small dogs under 8 pounds and cats and keeps your pet safe and close by.

It's easy to take on and off for those who are always on the move with their pet, and the pad is removable for easy wash and care. And don't worry – the included tether attaches to your pet's collar, so they stay put and in their spot during even the longest of trips.

You can conveniently install this seat to your car's center console for a good line of view for your pet, and Velcro at the bottom of the seat allows you to adjust it to the size of your console so it stays secure and in place.

With the Small Dog Center Console Seat, your pet won't be taking up an entire passenger seat, and it also limits their range of motion so that their movements don't affect the driver's driving. Comfortable, safe, and secure – this is the perfect car seat for both you and your pet!

What Else You Should Know

The pet car seat comes equipped with straps on both sides, making it easy to transport your furry friend on any outing without having to switch travel bags. For your convenience, when you're not using the straps, they can be easily tucked away into the pockets on both sides, perfect for storing small items such as treats and changing pads.

Keep in mind that, due to vacuum compression packaging, the seat may be slightly deformed upon initial opening. However, this is completely normal and the seat will gradually regain its proper shape within 1-2 days.

Be sure to refer to our product picture for size measurements and measure your pet's length as well as the distance between the front car seats before making your purchase.

Petsfit Dog Car Seat for Medium Dogs or 2 Small Dogs, Upgraded Dog Booster Seat for Front and Back Seats with 2 Safety Leashes (Medium, Deep Grey)

Best For Up to 45lbs

Petsfit Dog Car Seat

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Why We Like It

Stop worrying about distracted driving and keep your furry friends safe with the Petsfit Dog Car Seat! Perfect for medium-sized dogs up to 45 pounds, or 2 small pets, this car seat measures 23” L x 16.5” W x 13.5” H, giving you plenty of room to keep your pets comfortable during long car rides.

The Petsfit Dog Car Seat is designed to keep you and your pet stress-free to your destination. With an adjustable lanyard, safety clip, two patent buckles and two upgraded safety harness, you’ll be able to easily secure the seat and keep your pet from sliding or jumping out.

An upgraded, removable pad can easily be washed (hand-wash for best care) and is perfect for your pet’s head to rest on, reducing potential carsickness, and making it the perfect portable bed for your pup. Invest in the Petsfit Dog Car Seat for a stress-free and distraction-free car ride now!

What Else You Should Know

If you're like most pet owners, you want your furry friend to be as comfortable as possible while traveling in the car. But for anxious or motion-sick dogs, that can be a challenge. The dog booster seat is the perfect solution. With its elevated design, your pup can enjoy a window view and take in the sights while you travel.

Plus, the booster seat is designed with your pet's safety and comfort in mind. It's easy to install and remove, stores away easily when not in use, and features two convenient pockets for all of your dog's daily essentials. The adjustable buckle design ensures that the seat can be quickly installed in most standard cars, making it a must-have for any pet-friendly road trip.


1. What is a dog car seat, and why do small dogs need them?

A dog car seat is a secure and comfortable seat designed specifically for small dogs to ensure their safety while traveling in a car.

2. How do dog car seats work?

Dog car seats typically come with adjustable straps or harnesses that secure your small dog in place. They also provide additional padding and a raised platform for better visibility.

3. Can I use a regular car seat belt for my small dog instead of a dog car seat?

While it's not recommended, you can use a car seat belt designed for dogs. However, a dog car seat offers better protection and prevents your dog from being thrown around in case of sudden stops or accidents

4. Are dog car seats suitable for all small breeds?

Yes, dog car seats are designed to accommodate small breeds of various sizes and weights. However, always check the weight and size limitations specified by the manufacturer before purchasing.

5. Are dog car seats easy to install and remove?

Yes, most dog car seats are designed for easy installation and removal. They often come with adjustable straps or buckles that can be securely attached to the car seat or headrest.

6. Can I use a dog car seat in any type of vehicle?

Dog car seats are versatile and can be used in most vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and trucks. However, it's essential to check the compatibility with your specific vehicle before purchasing.

7. Can my small dog move around in a dog car seat?

While a dog car seat provides some freedom of movement, it's designed to keep your dog secured in one place to ensure their safety during the journey.

8. Are dog car seats machine washable?

Many dog car seats come with removable and washable covers, making it easier to clean and maintain hygiene.

9. Can dog car seats reduce motion sickness in small dogs?

Yes, dog car seats with elevated platforms can provide better visibility for your small dog, helping to reduce motion sickness during car rides.

10. Are dog car seats airline-approved?

Some dog car seats are specifically designed to meet airline requirements, allowing you to use them during air travel. However, always verify with the airline before bringing a dog car seat on board.

Please note that while these answers provide general information, it's crucial to refer to the specific guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer of the dog car seat you choose.


In conclusion, investing in a dog car seat for small dogs is not only a matter of convenience but also a vital aspect of ensuring their safety and well-being during car journeys. These specially designed seats provide the necessary support and security to prevent accidents or injuries caused by sudden stops or turns.

Additionally, they help minimize distractions and keep your furry friend calm and comfortable throughout the ride. By choosing a high-quality dog car seat that suits your small dog's size and needs, you can embark on road trips together with peace of mind, knowing that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep your beloved pet safe.

So, buckle up your furry companion and enjoy the adventures that await, while prioritizing their safety every step of the way!