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Paws on the Road: The Furrfect Ride for Tiny Tails - Booster Car Seats for Small Dogs!

Give them the comfy and secure ride they deserve with a booster dog car seat for small dogs!
Paws on the Road: The Furrfect Ride for Tiny Tails - Booster Car Seats for Small Dogs!

Worried about your small pup's safety while traveling?

Give them the comfy and secure ride they deserve with a booster dog car seat for small dogs. These booster car seats are designed to fit snugly in the seat of a vehicle, so they can stay safe and comfortable during long trips. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to keep an eye on them without having to turn around!

Your pup will have its special place in the car for smaller dogs where it’s just as comfortable as being at home! Plus, these booster dog car seats come in a variety of cute styles and colors that match any décor.  Dog car seats can also help reduce car sickness, motion sickness and help anxious dogs feel more secure.

Read now and get yourself a stylish yet safe booster seat for your furry friend today!

How We Choose The Best

Finding a safe and comfortable car seat for small dogs can be a challenge.

Without the proper dog car seat, your furry friend is at risk of injury and distraction while you drive. It's time to prioritize their safety.

These booster car seats are for small dogs. Designed with their comfort and safety in mind, these dog car seats provide a secure and elevated spot for your dog to enjoy the ride.

With easy installation and adjustable straps, you can ensure a snug fit for your furry companion. Drive with peace of mind knowing your dog is protected in their own cozy space whether it is in the front seat, back seat or center console.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best booster car seats for small dogs. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

MARSLABO Dog Car Seats for Small Dogs

Best For Metal Frame Construction

Marslabo Dog Booster Seat

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Why We Like It

Do you have a furry friend who loves to ride in the car with you? If so, you know how important it is to keep them safe and comfortable. That's where the MARSLABO Dog Booster Seat comes in!

This innovative seat raises your dog to the window level, giving them a great view of the outside world. It also features an adjustable leash to clip from inside the booster to their collar, so you can be sure they'll stay put while you're driving.

The MARSLABO Dog Booster Seat is made of durable materials that are easy to clean. It also folds up for compact storage when not in use.

What Else You Should Know

Traveling with your furry friend just got easier thanks to Marslabo's Pet Car Seat. This compact car seat is designed to fit small dogs up to 20 pounds, making it the perfect solution for your next road trip. The best part? The car seat is incredibly easy to install and remove, featuring built-in adjustable straps that fit in both front and rear seats.

Storing the car seat is a breeze, as it folds flat for easy storage. And let's not forget about maintenance: the double-layer waterproof oxford material and removable plush liner make cleaning up any messes your pet may make a breeze. Keep your car clean and fresh while on the road with Marslabo's Pet Car Seat.

K&H Pet Products Booster Dog Car Seat

Best For 2 Safety Latches

K&H Pet Products Booster Dog Car Seat

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Why We Like It

Travel with ease and safety with K&H Pet Products Booster Dog Car Seat. This car seat caters to dogs of all sizes, from small puppies and kittens, to small and medium-sized dogs. The seat gives your pet a boost so they can enjoy the view, and also keeps them in a secure and safe place for a distraction-free drive.

The Booster Pet Car Seat includes two adjustable security tethers that attach to the pet’s harness, so you can have peace of mind that your pup is secure while on the road. Plus, the removable booster cushion hides the seat belt, making it easy to buckle your pup in quickly and safely. And because this car seat dips in the front, your pup can jump in and out with ease.

Start traveling together with confidence and security with K&H Pet Products Booster Dog Car Seat. Drive knowing that your pet is safe and secure while enjoying the ride

What Else You Should Know

Transporting your furry friend to veterinarian appointments, parks and even road trips has never been easier with our pet car carrier. Our easy clean-up feature offers a removable, washable, plush quilted fleece cover that ensures comfort for your pet and easy maintenance for you.

The contoured back of our carrier is designed to fit snugly in the front or back seat of any size car, providing the safest ride for your pet. Our small bucket booster is recommended for small pets, while larger boosters can fit up to two small pets or one medium-sized breed.

This sizing option allows your pet to ride in comfort while remaining safe during travel. Transport your four-legged pal with ease and style with our pet car carrier.

Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Car Seat

Best For Adjustable Straps

Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat

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Why We Like It

Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat – the perfect travel companion for you and your canine friend. The Devoted Doggy Booster Seat is designed to keep your furry pal safe as you drive. It features two adjustable straps to secure the seat to your car's headrest and base to prevent any movement during your trips.

A built-in leash can also be clipped onto your dog's collar or harness for additional security, allowing you and your pup to make journeys together with peace of mind.

It also features innovative technology such as an upgraded reinforcement and premium comfort. The metal frame is sturdy and reliable to keep your pet safe in their seat during the journey, while the extra-soft padding ensures a comfortable ride for your dog.

Take your furry family member wherever you go with the Devoted Doggy Booster Seat. Safe, secure and comfortable, make the most of your journeys with your best friend today

What Else You Should Know

Traveling with your furry friend just got easier with our new dog window seat. Made with an easy-to-use and waterproof material, this seat can be installed in less than a minute and features adjustable straps to fit most cars. The collapsible design makes it easy for storage when not in use, while the bottom black exterior ensures waterproof protection and the liner is machine washable.

Not only is it practical, but the dog window seat also places your pet on an elevated platform for a better window view, enhancing the riding experience. The product is perfectly sized at 16”13”8” for cozy rides and fits small pets up to 15lbs. Give your four-legged friend the ultimate traveling experience with our dog window seat.

HIFUAR Pet Car Booster Seat

Best For Armrest Center Console

Hifuar's Car Booster Seat

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Why We Like It

Make car rides enjoyable for your pet with HIFUAR’s Car Booster Seat! Whether your pet is big or small, young or old, our booster seat makes it easy to take them on the go without worry. Our stable and adjustable design fits most center consoles and offers pets a comfortable space to relax without feeling confined.

The ultra-wide angle of view helps pets relax and reduces their anxiety when riding in a car. The booster seat’s pillows provide additional comfort and make the ride enjoyable for your pet. With HIFUAR’s Car Booster Seat, both you and your pet can rest assured that your furry best friend is safe and secure during the journey.

What Else You Should Know

When it comes to transporting our furry friends, safety and comfort are the top priorities. That's why our arm rest car seat is the perfect choice for you and your pet. While most pet car seats only have one fixing strap, our car seat comes with two Velcro design fixing straps. These can be easily adjusted to fit the size of your car's center console, so the seat fits snugly and securely on the armrest.

This feature minimizes the possibility of shaking and falling off, providing stability and safety for your pet. Additionally, our pet car seat does not contain any toxic or harmful substances, making it a reliable choice for your beloved companion.

However, before purchasing, please measure your pet's dimensions to ensure that they fit comfortably and safely in the car booster seat. This seat is recommended for pets weighing less than 8.8 pounds, making traveling with your furry friend easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Safety Seat

Best For Trucks and SUV's

Petsafe Booster Seat

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Why We Like It

Safety and comfort on the road: they matter for all riders, even your beloved pup! The PetSafe Booster Seat will keep them safe and secure during your travels without compromising their luxurious car ride experience. This strong and sturdy car seat/booster is made with a rigid plastic frame that is a snap to set up. Easily strap it onto the surface of any bucket or bench seat and attach the included Happy Ride seat belt tether so your pet will stay put.

Ready for a cozy journey? The booster comes equipped with a soft fleece lining and a plush pillow that'll help cushion and support your pet throughout the ride. Best of all, it can comfortably accommodate pups up to 30 lbs. So go ahead and hit the open road with your trusty sidekick, secure in the knowledge that they'll be safe and comfortable in the PetSafe Booster Seat.

What Else You Should Know

Traveling with your furry friend can be a great way to create new memories and share adventures. However, keeping a restless dog secure in your car can be a challenge, especially if you're worried about them scratching or damaging your car's interior. The Petsafe dog booster seat is the perfect solution to keep your pet safe and your car clean.

The removable fleece liner is easy to wash, ensuring that your car stays clean and fresh even after a long road trip. With interior dimensions of 14 in L x 18 in, this dog booster seat is perfect for dogs of all sizes. So, go ahead and plan that weekend getaway with your four-legged best friend, and rest easy knowing that your car's interior is protected.

FAQs about Booster Seats for Small Dogs

1. What is a booster seat for small dogs?

A booster seat for small dogs is a specially designed car seat that provides safety and comfort for your furry friend while traveling in a vehicle.

2. Why should I use a booster seat for my small dog?

Using a booster seat for your small dog ensures their safety by securing them and preventing them from moving around in the car, reducing the risk of injury.

3. How does a booster seat attach to a car?

Most booster seats come with adjustable straps or harnesses that secure the seat to the car's seat, allowing your small dog to sit comfortably while being secured. The best dog car seats will fit smaller dogs comfortably in the passenger seat or rear seat and will either attach to the car's seat belt or come with other safety features.

4. Are booster seats suitable for all small dog breeds?

Yes, dog booster seats are designed to accommodate different small dog breeds, providing them with a comfortable and safe space during car rides. Most  bolster dog car seats come with seat belts or they can be purchased separately.  Measure your dog so that you can get the perfect dog car seat for your dog.

5. Can booster dog car seats be used in any type of vehicle?

Yes, a booster dog car seat are versatile and can be used in most vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and trucks.

6. Are booster dog car seats easy to clean?

Most booster dog car seats come with removable and washable covers, making it easy to clean up any spills or accidents that may occur during travel.  Some come with a machine-washable fleece liner or zippered storage pocket.

7. Are booster car seats only for long trips?

Booster dog car seats are recommended for both short and long trips to ensure the safety and comfort of your small dog throughout the journey.

8. Can I use a booster seat for multiple small dogs?

Some dog booster car seats are designed to accommodate more than one small dog, allowing multiple pets to travel together safely.

9. Can a booster seat help reduce dog anxiety during car rides?

Yes, booster seats provide a secure and familiar space for your small dog, which can help alleviate anxiety and make car rides more enjoyable for them. Pet owners can help an anxious dog feel more secure in car travel with safety straps and a safety harness.

10. Where can I purchase a booster dog car seat for my small dog?

Booster dog car seats for small dogs can be found at pet stores, online retailers, and even some automotive stores.


No matter what breed or size of dog you own, keeping them safe in the car is always a priority. Providing booster seats for your pup will not only keep them safe but will also add layer of comfort throughout your travels.

By choosing the right booster seat for your pet, you are ensuring that they enjoy every trip just as much as you do and that their safety is well taken care of. So if you're looking to give your furry family members the gift of safety while traveling, investing in a good quality booster seat is certainly the way to go!