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The 411 on Fido and Apples

You're at the park with your pup and you spot an apple on the ground. Your first thought is "Can dogs eat apples?"
The 411 on Fido and Apples

Wondering if apples are safe for dogs?

You're not alone! A lot of people have this question, and we're here to help. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about letting your dogs eat apples.

After reading this article, you'll be an expert on the topic and will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to let your dog eat apples. Plus, you might even learn a thing or two about human nutrition in the process!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about your dog eating apples.

The Pros of Feeding Dogs Apples

Just like people, dogs need to eat a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. Apples can be a great way to add some extra nutrients to their diet and keep your dog healthy. They are a good source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C, and potassium.

In addition, when dogs eat apples it can help freshen doggy breath! When fed in moderation, apples can be a healthy treat for your pup. Just make sure to remove the core and seeds before feeding them to your furry friend.

The Cons of Feeding Dogs Apples

Feeding your dog apples can have some potential benefits - like providing them with extra vitamins and fiber. However, there are also a few potential downsides to be aware of.

The biggest concern is the risk of choking. Dogs typically gulp their food down without chewing, which means that small pieces of food like apple slices as a treat can pose a choking hazard.

In addition, apple seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic to dogs (and humans). So, it's important to remove the apple seeds before you let your dog eat apples.


All things considered, letting your dog eat apples can be a healthy treat - just be sure to take precautions to avoid any choking hazards.

In conclusion, dogs can eat apples they make a healthy and tasty treat, but don't let your dogs eat apple seeds and only let your dogs eat apples in moderation or they may get an upset stomach.

And don't forget—don't let your dogs eat apple pie because of the added sugar or let your dogs eat applesauce!

When fed properly, apples provide essential nutrients that can benefit your dog's health. So go ahead and enjoy an apple with your furry friend—just make sure to safely feed apples to your dog.  Don't let your dogs eat the apple seeds!