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Slobber Stopper | Slow Drinking Water Bowls

Trying to find the best slow feeding water bowl for your dog? These bowls will help reduce bloat and keep your pup healthy and happy.
Slobber Stopper | Slow Drinking Water Bowls

Do you have a pup that loves to gulp down their water?

These slow feeding water bowls are perfect for pups who can't help but slurp up all their meals in one go. These spill proof dog bowls have been  designed so your pup has an easier time drinking without gulping it all down at once.

The bowl's shape encourages more mindful drinking, ensuring that your pet is getting proper hydration without the risk of bloating or indigestion from overdrinking. Plus, the special design also prevents spills from messy drinkers like Fido!

Make drink time fun again with these unique slow feeding  no spill dog bowls! Not only will they give them time to drink slowly but they're also easy to clean and store away after each use.

You'll never have to worry about messy drinking anymore - just enjoy watching your dog drink contentedly enjoying their water while learning valuable skills along the way.

Shop now for the best dog water bowls available today!

How We Choose The Best

It can be hard to make sure your dog is getting enough water, especially if they drink fast and so much ends up on the floor

Getting your dog to drink their required amount of water each day can be a challenge, especially with messy drinking from a sloppy drinker.

The best slow feeding drinking bowls are the perfect solution for this problem! These no spill bowls force your pet to drink more slowly, so they get the hydration they need in a way that's easy for you to watch.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best slow feeding water bowls. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

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UPSKY No-Spill Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl

Best For 35 oz Bowl

UPSKY Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl

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Why We Like It

Hello, dog owners! Are you looking for a new water bowl to make sure your dog drinks enough water throughout the day? The UPSKY Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl is the perfect fit for both you and your pup.

Our spacious 35oz bowl has more than enough capacity to keep them quenched all day long, while also being splash-proof and keeping your floors dry.

But that’s not all! The unique floating disk design of this bowl slows down their drinking speed, so they never take in too much air or end up feeling bloated from gulping down too much water too quickly.

Rest assured that your darling companion will have all the hydration they need all day long with the help of this bowl – it’s like having a built-in nanny for your pets!

Don’t wait any longer – pick up an UPSKY Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl today for safe, slow and satisfying hydration every single time.

What Else You Should Know

The UPSKY Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl is an innovative product to help provide clean water for your pet. The intelligent design features a floating disk that can be easily controlled, preventing large amounts of water from getting onto your pet's fur.

This helps protect those adorable hairs from being wet from drinking and keeps them looking great! Additionally, the separable 2-pieces disk welded design prevents dust and dirt from falling into the stainless steel no spill dog bowl and ensures your pet will always receive fresh water throughout the day.

Make sure to give your beloved pet only the best with this stainless steel  bowl!

Road Refresher by Prestige Pets

Best For Long Eared Dogs or Droopy Jowls

Prestibe Pets Dog Water Bowl

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Why We Like It

Welcome to Prestige Pets Dog Water Bowl, the perfect solution to keeping your pup's water clean and fresh all day long! Our innovative floating plate prevents dust, dirt, and debris from entering the base.

The floating disk sits on the liquid’s surface and helps your pet drink only as much as he needs — cutting down on messy drinkers and splashes. Moreover, our bowl is designed specifically for those especially long eared dogs or cats that like to play with their water bowl; this feature stops any water from getting in their ears or onto their snouts.

Not only do our no spill bowls keep everything neat and tidy, but it's also great for small to medium dogs! The reservoir continuously supplies the perfect amount of flow throughout the day so your pet doesn’t experience quick gulps and chokes when drinking.

With Prestige Pets Dog Water Bowl, your pet can stay hydrated without all of the mess — making it easier than ever for dog lovers to keep their pup healthy.

What Else You Should Know

The Prestige Pets Dog Water Bowl is the perfect choice for on-the-go pet owners, with special optional velcro fasteners to secure it to any surface! Its unique combination of a no-skid base, no-slopper and dripless design makes it ideal for use in cars, RVs, boats and other outdoor activities such as camping.

No matter the size or breed of your pet, you're sure to find the right fit among the two available sizes. The extra-large bowl holds 47oz of water and is great for multi-dog homes; meanwhile, the smaller 20oz model makes a great spill proof bowl for breeds with long ears or droopy jowls.

With its convenient travel possibilities and tailor-made design features, the Prestige Pets Dog Water Bowl is an essential addition to any pet home.

Decflow 2L Dog Water Bowl

Best For Transparent Base

Decflow Large Capacity Spill Proof Dog Bowl

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Why We Like It

The Decflow Large Capacity Spill Proof Dog Bowl! This fantastic bowl is specifically designed with your large dogs in mind. With an incredible 2L/ 70oz capacity, it can meet all your pet’s daily needs and even keep them hydrated on shorter trips away from home. Not only that, but the spill-proof water bowl design ensures that your floors will be dry and mess-free at all times.

Plus, this amazing bowl also features a built-in slow water feeder to help prevent choking while they're drinking. This doesn't just have benefits for their health but also means their fur won't get wet or become irritated – keeping them looking and feeling their best!

Perfect for small to medium pets as well as larger breeds, or families with multiple animals, these stainless steel bowls are sure to keep everyone happy and hydrated.

What Else You Should Know

The Decflow Large Capacity Spill Proof Dog Bowl is perfect for any pet owner that values cleanliness. Equipped with a 2-piece disk design, it prevents dust, dirt, and pet hair from contaminating your pet's water.

These best dog water bowls also feature a transparent material and scale line design which allows you to easily observe the remaining water volume so you can add more at any given time. Making sure your messy drinkers stays hydrated has never been easier!

In addition, this bowl is incredibly easy to clean - the floating disk and the silicone plug are both removable for cleaning and can be washed by hand and are dishwasher safe. To provide your pet with the best hygiene, we recommend giving it a thorough cleaning at least once a week!

Pawque Dog Water Elevated Dog Bowls

Best For Anti-Spill Blocker Rim

Pawque Elevated Dog Water Bowls

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Why We Like It

Dog owners, welcome your furry best friend to enjoy their drinking times with the Pawque Elevated Dog Water Bowls! Perfectly designed to suit all stages of growth, these stylish bowls offer you three sizes, 6.1", 7.7" and 9.3" to ensure that your pup always has the most comfortable drinking experience—no matter how old they get or what kind of size they are.

With a simple press of the button, you'll be able to easily adjust the heights for the perfect drinking level, making sure that straining doesn't become an issue for your pup no matter their age or weight.

Plus, these bowls have an anti-spill blocker rim so water won’t be spilling out everywhere during drinking time either! Any messes will stay conveniently in the bowl where it should be.

And if that wasn't enough, each pawque bowl also comes with non-slip rubber on the bottom legs and features a standalone design to keep water and food separated.

That way, tidiness and hygiene are guaranteed with every meal! So why wait any longer? Give your furry best friend their deserved comfort while dining with Pawque Elevated Dog Water Bowls today!

What Else You Should Know

The Pawque dog water bowl is perfect for dogs who love to drink a lot of water. It features a self-adjusting floating disc that sinks when touched by the tongue, preventing any spills or splashes. With an impressive 2.5L (80oz) capacity, this bowl provides plenty of water for your pup and even accommodates multiple pets drinking at the same time.

Plus, it's safe, durable, and easy to clean - just detach it from the stand and toss it in the dishwasher! Give your pup endless access to hydration with a spill-proof design that won't leave any mess on their fur or on your floor.

PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls

Best For Multiple Pets

PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls

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Why We Like It

Ditch the pet clutter and say hello to PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls! These innovative magnets feeders are designed to make sloppy drinking times easier and more enjoyable for your furry friends.

Crafted with ultra-strong rare Earth magnets, the feeders attach securely together, giving you the freedom to customize your pet's feeding area however you want.

Perfect for multi-pet households, elevated feeders promote proper digestion by allowing your pets to engage in healthy eating positions. And because they are made with premium Lucite acrylic material, these feeders provide durability and style all in one!

Maximize mealtime efficiency and keep things neat and tidy -- PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls let you imagine the possibilities when it comes to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

What Else You Should Know

PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls are designed to improve the wellness of your pet through providing the support they need to drink comfortably and properly. The raised bowl allows them to maintain good posture while they enjoy their water, helping to prevent future back problems.

By elevating the water bowl, it is also easier for your pet to swallow as normal. When it comes to serving food, vets recommend having one food bowl per pet in order for them to receive proper nutrition and avoiding any potential for aggression between animals.

A community water bowl should be fine though, with dogs needing around 1-2 cups of water per day for every 10 lbs weight and cats about 5-10 oz per day. PetFusion suggests allowing yourself some extra time and research when selecting a bowl suitable for your pet's lifestyle needs - ultimately this small purchase can make a big difference when it comes to their health and happiness!


1. What is a Slow Drinking Water Bowl?

A slow drinking water bowl is a type of watering bowl that helps to promote proper hydration in dogs by slowing down their drinking speed and encouraging them to drink more water.

2. Why should I get a Slow Drinking Water Bowl for my dog?

Slow drinking water bowls are beneficial for dogs because they can help to prevent health issues caused by over-drinking, aid digestion, and provide other therapeutic benefits such as calming anxious dogs.

3. How does a Slow Drinking Water Bowl work?

A slow drinking water bowl has different inward-facing obstacles that make it difficult for your dog to quickly gulp down their water. This slows down the rate at which your dog drinks, making them drink more gradually and mindfully, which can help them stay properly hydrated.

4. Are all Slow Drinking Water Bowls the same?

Not all slow drinking water bowls are the same; some feature obstacles such as ridges or stems that are designed to further impede the flow of your dog’s drinking, while others may simply have an unconventional shape that makes it difficult for your pup to quickly gulp large amounts of water at once.

5. Where can I buy a Slow Drinking Water Bowl?

You can purchase slow drinking water bowls online or in pet stores.  Most major retailers have a variety of different styles and sizes available.

6. Can I use a Slow Drinking Water Bowl indoors?

Yes! Most slow drinking water bowls are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Just remember to empty and clean the bowl regularly according to manufacturer instructions if you decide to use it inside your home or apartment building—proper maintenance is key to preventing spills or messes on carpets or furniture!

7. Are there any special considerations I need to make when using a slow drinking water bowl with my pup?

Depending on how much force your pup needs to apply when using the bowl, you may want to take certain safety precautions when introducing them to this type of feeding device.

For instance, if you’re using one with ridges or stems, ensure that these features are securely fastened before letting your pup try it out so they don’t accidentally get injured

Additionally, pay attention for signs like coughing/gagging or excessive panting that could indicate choking or aspirated liquid—in this case remove the bowl immediately until further instruction from a veterinarian can be sought out.

8. Does my pup need special training before using a slow drinking water bowl?

No special training should be needed before introducing your pup to their new slow-flow watering device! Most pups will instinctively understand how it works within minutes of interacting with it—just remember never leave unsupervised with young pups who may still be curious about their newfound toy!

9. What size should I get for my pup's Slow Drinking Water Bowl?

When purchasing a new slow-flow watering device for your pup, size becomes an important consideration—ensure that you choose one large enough so that there is adequate space for each fill up without overflowing but small enough so there isn’t too much wasted space when not in use

10. How often do I need to change my pup's Slow Drinking Water Bowl?

Cleaning and replacing slow drinking water bowls depends on how often they're being used.


If you have a dog, you may want to consider getting a slow-feeding water bowl! Slow-feeding bowls can help your pup stay hydrated and healthy. There are many different types of slow-feeding bowls available on the market, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one.

It is also important to make sure you get a bowl that is the right size for your pup and remember to clean and replace it regularly.  With a slow-feeding water bowl, your pup can stay hydrated and enjoy their meals more mindfully!

When using a slow drinking water bowl, it is important to remember never leave unsupervised with young pups and pay attention to signs like coughing/gagging or excessive panting that could indicate choking.

We hope this article helped you learn more about a no spill dog bowl and get rid o sloppy drinking in your home and why they may be beneficial for your messy drinker .