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Revolutionize Your Pizza Game with the Ultimate Essential Pizza Oven Accessories Bundle Including a Bamboo Peel - Here’s Why You Need It Now!

Make pizza like a pro, with the perfect pizza oven bundle including a bamboo peel and turning peel - you'll be sure to wow your guests and get pizzas cooked in no time!
Revolutionize Your Pizza Game with the Ultimate Essential Pizza Oven Accessories Bundle Including a Bamboo Peel - Here’s Why You Need It Now!

The Ooni 12" Perforated Pizza Peel,  12" Bamboo Serving Pizza Peel and the Ooni Aluminum Peel bundle are essential accessories for any pizza oven! With the Ooni Aluminum Peel, you can launch pizzas with ease thanks to its lightweight, durable design. It is made with a moisture-resistant bamboo surface, which prevents the dough from sticking, so you can make perfect pizzas up to 12 inches in diameter.

Ooni 12” Long Handle Perforated Aluminium Pizza Paddle

The Ooni Pizza Turning Peel with its lightweight glass-reinforced nylon handle and anodized aluminum surface, helps to turn pizzas quickly in your pizza oven while preventing them from sticking. This review will explore all the amazing features of these pizza oven accessories and how they can revolutionize your pizza game!

Bring perfection and convenience to your pizza-making process with the Ooni 12” Perforated Pizza Peel. This high-quality aluminum pizza paddle is the professional's tool of choice, giving every home cook the perfect surface for stretching out dough, adding their favorite toppings and launching it in an Ooni Pizza oven. Its perforations allow excess flour to fall away and steam to quickly evaporate for the best possible results.

You can trust that this robust tool is up to any challenge. The aluminum construction provides superior durability, while its bevelled edge allows you to easily slide pizzas in and out of your Ooni pizza oven. And since it comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, you don’t have to worry about sticking – just sprinkle with flour before use for a smooth transfer from peel to oven every time.

Make serve unbeatably delicious pies like never before with the Ooni 12” Perforated Pizza Peel!

Ooni 12” Bamboo Pizza Peel

The Ooni 12” Bamboo Pizza Peel is a must have for anyone looking to make delicious pizzas in perfect shape and structure. This durable and lightweight wooden pizza peel makes it easy to launch pizzas up to 12" wide with the greatest of ease. The bamboo material prevents the pizza dough from sticking and provides a moisture-resistant surface for optimal results.

To ensure the smoothest finish, lightly flour the paddle before laying and prepping your pizza on its surface - it's compatible with all Ooni Pizza models! Not only does this pizza peel come in especially handy for cooking up unique creations, but doubles as a board for serving and slicing pizzas too. Make sure you add the Ooni 12” Bamboo Pizza Peel to your basket - it will become one of your go-to accessories when making mouthwatering pizzas!

Ooni Pizza Turning Peel

Get your pizza made in no time with the Ooni Pizza Turner! Made from a glass-reinforced nylon handle for extra durability, this pizza peel is lightweight so you can easily turn your pizza as it cooks. An anodized aluminum surface gives it a non-stick effect so you can slide the peel right under your pizza without any hassle.

With this pizza-turning peel, you'll be spinning your pies like a pro cooking them faster in your flaming hot Ooni oven. So why waste time making delicious pizzas when you can make them in a jiffy with the Ooni Pizza Turner?

Best For Bamboo Peel

Ooni 12 'Essential Pizza Oven Accessories Bundle With Bamboo Peel

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Features & Benefits

The Ooni 12" essential bundle includes a bamboo pizza peel serving board, an aluminum peel and a pizza turner for all pizza oven enthusiasts. This bundle includes two distinct types of peels designed to help you cook the perfect pizza every time.

Measuring 12" in size, these peels offer the perfect balance of maneuverability and size, making them suitable for use with all types of pizza ovens. The perforated pizza peel features a unique hole pattern that allows air to circulate underneath your pizza, resulting in a perfectly crispy crust every time.

Additionally, the turning peel is perfect for rotating and positioning your pizza while cooking, ensuring even cooking and avoiding burnt spots.

Crafted from premium bamboo, the serving pizza peel boasts a non-stick surface, making it incredibly easy to slide your pizza in and out of the oven with minimal effort. It doesn't absorb moisture, preventing any bacterial growth, thus ensuring that your food remains fresh and safe for consumption.

By owning this pizza peel bundle, you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of owning both a perforated peel and a turning peel without having to make separate purchases. This bundle offers a complete and efficient choice for all your pizza-making needs, ensuring that you can create perfect specialty-inspired pizzas without any hassle in any ooni pizza oven.

In conclusion, for anyone seeking to enhance their outdoor cooking experience and impress their guests with restaurant-quality pizzas, the Ooni 12" is an indispensable bundle that ensures you can cook the perfect pizza every time. So, make sure to get your hands on this bundle and step up your pizza-making game to the next level!


The Ooni Aluminum Peel and Ooni Pizza Turning Peel are incredibly useful and versatile accessories that have many advantageous features. Firstly, they are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to move around in the pizza oven with minimal effort.

Additionally, both peels feature durable and moisture-resistant surfaces, ensuring that your dough won’t stick to them, allowing for easy flipping and rotating great pizza. The anodized aluminum surface also helps to prevent rusting, meaning that your peels will last longer and remain in great condition.

Furthermore, the peels have a large size of 12” diameter, making them suitable for baking pizzas up to 12 inches in diameter.


One potential downside to the Ooni Aluminium Peel and Ooni Pizza Turning Peel is that they have a relatively shallow profile compared to other peels on the market. This could be an issue if you are baking particularly large pizzas, as more dough may be left behind on the peel when transferring it to the oven.

Additionally, due to their lightweight construction, it could be difficult to lift heavier pizzas using these peels. It is also worth noting that the perforated peel may not be suitable for thicker crusts as the holes can let too much air through, resulting in an overly crispy texture.

Overall, if you are looking for a set of reliable and high-quality pizza peels that are lightweight and easy to use, then the Ooni Aluminum Peel and Ooni Pizza Turning Peel are great options.

However, if you are looking for something with a deeper profile to be able to lift heavier pizzas more easily, it might be best to look elsewhere.


The Ooni 12" Pizza Essential Accessory Bundle is available at a highly competitive price, making it an attractive option for any home chef looking to enhance their outdoor pizza-cooking experience. Furthermore, this bundle is available via Amazon Prime, meaning that you can get free two-day shipping on this product so that you can start using it right away.

With such a great value on offer, the Ooni 12" Pizza Oven Accessory bundle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make the perfect outdoor pizza without breaking the bank.  So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this bundle and start cooking up delicious pizzas today!

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The Ooni 12" accessory bundle is one of the best options on the market for outdoor pizza cooking. However, there are a few competitors that provide similar features and benefits. One such example is the MustHaveGadgets Aluminum Pizza Peel, which has a large surface area of 13.7" x 23.6".

This makes it suitable for larger pizzas, and its shallow depth also makes it to transfer the pizza in and out of the oven without leaving behind too much dough. Additionally, this peel is made from stainless steel rather than anodized aluminum, meaning that it has increased corrosion resistance and durability.

Customer Experiences

Overall, customers have generally had a great experience with the Ooni 12" accessory bundle users found the lightweight construction of the peel particularly helpful in transferring pizzas into and out of the oven, as well as allowing them to be easily flipped and rotated while baking.

FAQs Oven Accessories

1. What is the Ooni 12" Perforated Pizza Peel Turning Peel 12" Bamboo Serving Pizza Peel?

The Ooni 12" Perforated Pizza Turning Peel, 12" Bamboo Serving Pizza Peel is a bundle that includes an aluminum peel and a turning peel, as well as a bamboo serving pizza peel. This bundle provides everything you need to make delicious pizzas in your outdoor oven or on your grill with ease.

2. Does the aluminum peel have any perforations?

Yes, the aluminum peel included in this bundle has small holes punched into it which allow air to escape when transferring pizzas onto and out of the oven or grill, making them easier to handle without sticking too much.

3. Is the pizza turner suitable for flipping heavier pizzas?

Yes, due to its lightweight construction, this turner can easily lift even large and heavy pizzas off of their surface with minimal effort required from the user.

4. How easy is it to clean these peels?

Cleaning these peels could not be simpler - simply use hot soapy water after each use and then dry them off with a soft cloth.

5. Is the Ooni essential pizza oven accessories bundle with bamboo peel durable?

Yes, The anodized aluminum and bamboo construction of this bundle makes it highly durable and suitable for heavy-duty use in all kinds of outdoor cooking environments.

6. How much does the Ooni 12" essential accessory bundle cost?

This bundle typically sells online at a great price, making it an excellent value for anyone looking to make delicious pizzas with ease in any Ooni pizza ovens.

7. Does this bundle come with a warranty?

Yes, the Ooni 12" accessory bundle is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

8. Can I use this bundle in an indoor oven?

Yes, this bundle can be used in any kind of oven, both indoors and outdoors and any ooni pizza oven.

9. Is the bamboo peel heat resistant?

Yes, this bundle features a heat-resistant bamboo peel which is designed to withstand high temperatures without getting damaged in any ooni pizza oven.

10. Does the Ooni 12" Perforated Pizza Peel Turning Peel 12" Bamboo Serving Pizza Peel come in any other sizes?

No, this bundle only comes in the 12" size. However, more sizes may be available in the future.  It can be used with any ooni pizza oven.


The Ooni 12" Essential Accessory bundle is great for those looking to make delicious pizzas with ease. With its lightweight construction, these products allow users to quickly transfer pizzas in and out of the oven without leaving behind too much dough.

Additionally, it features corrosion resistance due to its strong construction which ensures that it will last even through heavy use. All in all, we highly recommend this pizza peel-turning set for anyone who wants an easy way to make delicious pizzas at home!

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If you've been looking for a reliable, lightweight pizza peel set to help you make delicious pizzas with ease, look no further than the Ooni Pizza accessory bundle.

Boasting a highly durable construction made from anodized aluminum and heat-resistant bamboo, this bundle offers everything you need to make the perfect pizza in the pizza ovens of your choice. Click the button below to purchase this bundle on Amazon and start making delicious pizzas at home today!