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Put A Leash On Anxiety With Metal Playpens

Keep your small, furry friend safe and sound with some of the best metal playpens on the market!
Put A Leash On Anxiety With Metal Playpens

Is your small pup always getting into trouble?

Keeping your pet safe and secure can be a challenge. That's why we've reviewed the best metal playpens for small dogs to keep your pup occupied, entertained, and out of trouble.

The heavy-duty construction will stand up to even the most determined escape artist! The top panel locks securely in place while the stable base ensures it won’t tip over easily.

This is an ideal solution if you're looking for a way to give your pup their own special space without taking up too much room. Just add all kinds of fun accessories like chew toys and tug ropes that will help make sure your furry friend stays well-entertained at all times!

Shop now to find the perfect playpen size for your small dog today!

How We Choose The Best

You love your dog, but sometimes you need to leave them at home and they need a place to play.

Leaving your dog at home can be hard, especially if you have to go to work or run errands. What's worse is when you come home and find out they've torn up the furniture or peed on the floor.

A metal playpen for small dogs is the perfect solution. These pens are sturdy and provide a safe space for your pup to play while you're away. Plus, they fold up easily so you can take them with you on camping trips.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best metal playpens for your small dog. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

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FXW Rollick Dog Playpen

Why We Like It

Treat your faithful fur buddy to a spacious playground of their own with the FXW Rollick Dog Playpen! Your four-legged family member deserves time outside in a safe, secure, and spacious environment and this semi-open playpen provides just that.

Boasting a rugged construction to keep your pup's energetic plays contained, this playpen comes with round ball tops for greater stability and rigidity that won't collapse against your pup's leanings. Not only will you be taking care of them but they'll love their new home.

The automatic gravity-actioned locking mechanism allows you to easily open or close the door and increases safety while reducing the chance of door accidents.

What better way to give your playful pup plenty of exercise, some outdoor time, and ensure their well-being all at once? Get the FXW Rollick Dog Playpen today and help turn your pup's silly energy into contained bliss!

What Else You Should Know

The FXW Rollick Dog Playpen is the most convenient dog fence on the market for pet owners looking for something portable and customizable. Easy to assemble and pack away, you can add or remove panels to achieve any arrangement of your desired size and shape.

The powder coating helps protect against rust, making this lightweight pen ideal for RV camping, traveling, or even indoor use at home. To further ensure protection, try using an accompanying dog pad or carpet to prevent the rods from scratching your floor surfaces. The new floor protectors provide added protection in floors that require a little extra TLC.

MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pet Playpen

Best For Outdoor Durablity

MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Playpen

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Why We Like It

Keep your furry family member active and safe both indoors and out with the MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pet Playpen! This pen features eight panels made of sturdy metal construction, each measuring 24 inches wide and 24 inches high.

That’s an impressive 16 square feet of enclosed area – perfect for giving your dear pet plenty of room to play, run around, and just be a dog! The easy to use thumb-snaps on the panels make assembly a breeze so you can get your pup out unleashed in no time.

Even better, the exercise pen folds flat for convenient storage when not in use. So whether you're at home or away on vacation, you don't have to worry about keeping Fido secure.

And if you decide to take him outdoors, four handy ground anchors make sure Fido stays put while having fun under the sun! The MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pet Playpen is available now so give your beloved pet peace of mind wherever they roam!

What Else You Should Know

With the MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pet Playpen, you get durability, convenience and reliability all in one. The black e-coat finish provides long term protection against rust and other outdoor elements, while the easy set up allows for a simple assembly without any tools required.

Even better, this top quality pet playpen comes with a manufacturer's warranty of one year. Whether it's for your puppy or adult pet dog, MidWest has you covered for both their own safety and yours.

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Play Pen

Best For Convenience

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Exercise Playpen

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for a safe, secure space for your furry friend to play and exercise? Look no further than the Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen! This pet play pen is known for its convenience—it sets up in seconds without any tools required, and it's equally suited for indoor or outdoor use.

This metal pet play pen includes 8 connected panels crafted from durable iron wire with a rustproof black finish that easily zip together using included thumb clips. Additionally, 8 anchors can be used when setting up the pen outdoors to ensure extra stability. After being set up, this enclosure will create a 16-square-foot area just right for pets of all sizes; there's plenty of space inside for playing around!

At Amazon Basics, we understand how important ease and security are when creating a space just right for your furry friend, which is why our Pet Play Pen is designed according to those needs. Get ready to offer your pet the ultimate safe playtime experience with the Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen!

What Else You Should Know

If you're looking for a space for your pup that's both convenient and safe, look no further than Amazon Basics' Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen! Lightweight and easy to carry, this foldable pen is a great way to give your four-legged friend room to roam without worrying about them running off - plus it doesn't take up too much storage space. It's designed specifically with extra-small and small sized dogs in mind, as each pen fits pups up to 16 inches tall comfortably.

However, be sure not to leave your pet unattended outdoors as they may get into trouble! The Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen is the perfect option if you're seeking a durable, flexible space for your furry companion.

PETNAME Dog Playpens

Best For Thick Metal Wires

PETNAME Dog Playpens

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Why We Like It

Welcome your canine friend to the great outdoors without worry with PETNAME Dog Playpens! This secure and expandable area is designed to keep your pup safe while they explore, letting you join in on the fun too. Just use the rods and create your own space in minutes!

No tools needed – just imagination and quick assembly. Once assembled, multiple shapes are at your disposal depending on where you’re going: rectangle, square, octagon, or outdoor pen fencing for extra security.

Our playpen has been upgraded for an even more secure experience – thicker metal wires that guarantee a stable structure and an updated automatic door lock so your canine companion won’t get carried away.

Purchase any quantity of individual units to combine until you get the perfect shape and size for you pet's needs. With PETNAME Dog Playpens, let your pup run free with peace of mind while they soak up some sunny days outside. It’s playtime!

What Else You Should Know

Ensure that your pet’s area stays fresh, safe, and clean with one of these dog playpens. Made of heavy-duty and durable metal, this pet structure is strengthened further with an anti-corrosion coating and anti-rust process – ensuring you get a long-lasting product that can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way. Plus, the portable design makes unfolding, packing up, and transportation easy. Allowing the pleasure of an enriching outdoor experience for your pup even when you're on the go!

FXW Instant Playpen Designed for RV Trips

Best For Camping

FXW Instant Playpen 

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Why We Like It

Introducing the FXW Instant Playpen Designed for RV Trips - the perfect addition to your next outdoor adventure! Durable and rust-resistant, our patented technology playpen takes all the hassle out of setting up and breaking down your fence. The sturdy heavy-duty metal construction and double coating with electroplating and black paint ensure that your RV trips will be worry-free.

You'll save up to 60% of your time spent assembling a conventional fence as our playpen can be rotated through 180° so you can put it up in an instant with no hassle at all! Keep your family safe without sacrificing comfort on those long RV trips by using the FXW Easy-Carry Straps (sold separately) for portability and convenience.

Forget about wasting time setting up fencing - the FXW Instant Playpen Designed for RV Trips is here to make your family adventures even more enjoyable! So don't wait - pick one up today and give yourself peace of mind while hitting the open road!

What Else You Should Know

The Rollick Playpen features a circular dome design with metal rods which prevents injury to your pet and your hands. Thanks to its automatic gravity lock, the door can be opened or closed gently and there is little chance for your pup to unlock it in error.

Additionally, the rod is easily inserted into the ground for added stability and stiffness, allowing it to remain sturdy when leaned against by your four-legged friend.

Although this playpen has a fluctuating gap of around 1.1cm that does not exceed 1.5cm, small breed dogs such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Maltese may still be able to squeeze through if they try to jump and escape from it. For extra safety considerations, this playpen may not be suitable for these types of pups.

FAQ’s Metal Playpens For Small Dogs

1. What are metal playpens for small dogs?

Metal playpens for small dogs are enclosed spaces made of metal bars or wire mesh designed to keep small dogs contained in a safe and secure area.

2. Are metal playpens durable enough for outdoor use?

Yes, most metal playpens are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions and are made of rust-resistant materials.

3. Can I customize the size and shape of a metal playpen?

Some manufacturers offer customizable options for size and shape, while others offer standard sizes that may be suitable for your needs.

4. How do I clean a metal playpen?

Most metal playpens can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a pet-safe disinfectant spray.

5. Are metal playpens safe for small dogs?

Yes, as long as they are used properly and the dog is supervised while inside the playpen, it can be a safe space for them to play and relax.

6. Can multiple small dogs fit inside a metal playpen?

It depends on the size of the playpen and the size of the dogs. Be sure to check the maximum weight capacity before adding more than one dog.

7. Can I use a metal playpen as a crate or kennel alternative?

Yes, some people use metal playpens as an alternative to traditional crates or kennels when they need to confine their dog temporarily.

8. How do I assemble a metal playpen?

Assembly instructions should come with your purchase, but most require minimal effort to set up using snap-on connectors or bolts and nuts.

9. Can I transport a metal playpen easily?

Many models come with foldable designs that make them easy to transport in cars or store when not in use.

10. What should I look for when buying a metal playpen for my small dog?

Consider factors such as size, durability, portability, safety features, ease of assembly/cleaning/storage, and customer reviews before making your purchase decision.


All in all, when it comes to metal dog playpens, you have a variety of options to fit your budget and your pup's needs. While metal can be more costly than other materials, its durability and strength might be worth it when protecting Fido from the elements or those notorious squirrels.

Plus, metal isn't overly heavy and can easily be moved around the yard or transported elsewhere if needed. Don't forget that being outdoors is important for our furry friends; they need fresh air and some sunshine!

If you're thinking of buying a metal playpen for you pup, don't let the details keep them inside too long. Investing in a great playpen can provide both pups and parents stress-free moments for years to come.

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