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Paws and Portobellos: Tail-Wagging Wellness with Organic Turkey Tail Magic for Your Furry Friend!

Turkey Tail mushrooms may provide a longer survival time for dogs with hemangiosarcoma.!
Paws and Portobellos: Tail-Wagging Wellness with Organic Turkey Tail Magic for Your Furry Friend!

Hello, Devoted Dog Lovers! 🐾✨

We've caught wind of your curiosity about our Turkey Tail Mushroom supplements, and we're thrilled to dive in and answer your top questions with a wag of enthusiasm!

🍄 Is it the real deal, the fruiting body?
Absolutely! Our Turkey Tail is the genuine article, brimming with the potent benefits your furry friend deserves. Zero fillers, just pure mushroom magic!

🐕‍🦺 A boon for autoimmune health?
Indeed! These mushrooms are celebrated for bolstering the immune system, making them a stellar choice for your pup's health arsenal.

🤧 Can they tackle those pesky allergies?
Yes, indeed! Numerous dogs have experienced a welcome reprieve from allergy symptoms, all thanks to the immune-enhancing prowess of Turkey Tail Mushrooms.

👩‍🍳 Are we talking human-grade quality?
You bet your last dog biscuit! We're committed to providing your pooch with human-grade Turkey Tail, crafted with the same care and quality you'd want for yourself. Plus, they're cultivated traditionally on fallen logs for that authentic touch.

🎗 Support for the cancer-fighting journey?
While we don't claim to have a cure, countless pet parents have incorporated Turkey Tail Mushrooms into their cancer care toolkit, and the heartwarming success stories keep us motivated. Scientific research also points to their potential in shrinking certain types of tumors.

🔬 How do we transform these mushrooms into a potent powder?
Our mushrooms are carefully harvested, gently dried, and then undergo a hot-water extraction process to unlock all the beneficial compounds like beta-glucans. The result? A super-concentrated Turkey Tail powder with an impressive 8:1 potency ratio!

We're always here to support you and your four-legged family member's journey to optimal health. Keep those tails wagging and the questions coming! 🐕💕

Full-Spectrum Mushroom

Turkey Tail Mushroom

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Our Organic Turkey Tail Concentrate, derived from full-spectrum mushroom extract and cultivated through certified organic methods, is designed to bolster your canine companion's immune system. This meticulously hot-water-extracted supplement aims to harmonize your dog's digestive functions while simultaneously fortifying their immune defences, thanks to its rich antioxidant content.

The traditional organic cultivation process ensures that our mushrooms are abundant in essential phytonutrients and beta-glucans, vital components for your pet's well-being. Pertinent research, including a notable study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine, indicates that the Polysaccharopeptide (PSP) extract from Turkey Tail mushrooms may significantly extend the survival period for dogs afflicted with hemangiosarcoma. Furthermore, clinical evidence suggests that Turkey Tail can potentially reduce tumour sizes in canine hemangiosarcoma by up to 34%.

By integrating our Organic Turkey Tail Concentrate into your dog's health regimen, you are providing them with a scientifically-backed, natural adjunct that may enhance their quality of life and vitality.