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Pack Like a Pro: The Top Laptop Backpacks for College that Score Straight A's in Style and Functionality!

We made sure the backpacks we reviewed priced affordably so everyone can benefit from them when going to College or University!
Pack Like a Pro: The Top Laptop Backpacks for College that Score Straight A's in Style and Functionality!

Are you going off to college and looking for the perfect backpack?

We get it! You want affordable, durable laptop backpacks that can carry all your stuff with ease. So we made sure the backpacks we reviewed are up to the job and priced affordably so everyone can benefit from them. These products are designed to last through even the toughest classes and longest semesters!

With one of these bags on your shoulders, you can rest assured knowing it won't let you down in times when life gets a bit hectic during the studying season. Plus they come in a variety of colors and styles so you can express yourself without breaking the bank.

Shop now and find the perfect bag for study buddies like you today!

How We Choose The Best

As college and university students, it can be difficult to know which laptop backpacks are the perfect ones for your needs. From carrying around textbooks and laptops all day to commuting across campus or travelling around town - you need something fashionable but also super functional.

Many laptop backpacks on the market are bulky and ugly or don’t provide the necessary organization and comfort to meet the demands of student life.

That’s why we reviewed a range of best-in-class backpacks that are designed with both fashion and function in mind. With spacious compartments, adjustable straps, stylish designs and lightweight materials – they make the perfect companion for college and university life!

We read through thousands of Amazon reviews to find the best backpacks with laptop compartment. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Laptop Backpack

Carrying a laptop safely and comfortably is crucial for professionals, students, and digital nomads alike. While there are various types of laptop bags available in the market, the laptop backpack has gained popularity due to its practicality and convenience. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using a laptop backpack and provide recommendations for top-rated options.

Advantages of Using a Laptop Backpack

  1. Easy to carry: A laptop backpack distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders and back, reducing strain on your body. This makes it easier to carry your laptop and other essentials for extended periods.
  2. Hands-free convenience: With a laptop backpack, you can keep your hands free to handle other tasks or use public transportation without worrying about your bag.
  3. Better organization: Laptop backpacks typically come with multiple compartments and pockets, allowing you to keep your laptop, charger, documents, and other accessories organized and easily accessible.
  4. Enhanced protection: Many laptop backpacks feature padded sleeves or compartments designed specifically to protect laptops from bumps and falls. This added cushioning helps safeguard your device from damage.
  5. Room for additional items: Besides your laptop, a laptop backpack usually has enough space to carry other essentials like notebooks, pens, water bottles, and even a change of clothes if needed.

Disadvantages of Using a Laptop Backpack

  1. Bulky appearance: Laptop backpacks can appear less formal compared to briefcases or messenger bags. This might be a consideration for individuals who require a more professional look.
  2. Limited laptop size: Some laptop backpacks have size restrictions, and larger laptops may not fit comfortably. It is essential to check the dimensions and laptop compartment specifications before purchasing.
  3. Lack of padding or poor quality: While many laptop backpacks offer excellent padding and protection, some budget options may lack proper cushioning or have subpar build quality. It's vital to choose a backpack with reliable padding and durable construction.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop Backpack

  1. Durability: Look for backpacks made from high-quality materials such as ballistic nylon or polyester. Reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers are also essential for durability.
  2. Size: Ensure the laptop compartment can accommodate your laptop's size, leaving enough space for other items you intend to carry.
  3. Comfort: Consider padded shoulder straps, a breathable back panel, and an ergonomic design to ensure comfort during extended wear.
  4. Design and features: Look for features like multiple compartments, dedicated pockets for accessories, side pockets for water bottles, and a TSA-friendly laptop compartment.
  5. Material: Water-resistant or waterproof materials add an extra layer of protection to your belongings, especially if you frequently travel in inclement weather.


Laptop backpacks offer numerous advantages, including easy mobility, hands-free convenience, better organization, enhanced protection, and extra space for essentials. However, they may have some drawbacks such as bulkiness and limitations in laptop size. When choosing a laptop backpack, consider factors such as durability, size, comfort, design, and material. By carefully selecting a backpack that aligns with your needs, you can enjoy the benefits of carrying your laptop in a practical and secure manner.

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpacks

Best For Maximum Back Support

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

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Why We Like It

The MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack is the perfect companion for any trip. Whether you’re off on an adventure abroad or taking off for a business trip, this stylish backpack is equipped with everything you need to stay organized.

With a separate laptop compartment that holds up to a 15.6” laptop and space for daily necessities, tech accessories and much more, you’ll be able to stay connected and prepared for anything.

The bag is designed with comfort in mind, containing a thick ventilated padded laptop sleeve for maximum back support along with adjustable shoulder straps that provide breathability and relieve stress.

The MATEIN backpacks feature a special top handle and a luggage strap that makes sliding it over your suitcase an effortless process. Not to mention the hidden anti-theft pocket, which provides extra security to protect your valuable items while you’re on the move.

The MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack is suitable for any traveler. Whether you’re off on a weekend getaway or a lengthy international flight, this stylish and functional bag is perfect for packing all of the essentials. So why not treat yourself or a loved one to this luxurious and practical option, and you’ll be ready for any journey that comes your way.

What Else You Should Know

Whether you're a commuter, a student, or simply someone who loves tech gadgets, this backpack is a game changer. With a built-in USB charger on the exterior and a charging cable on the interior, it offers a whole new level of convenience when it comes to charging your phone on the go. It's the perfect gift for the tech-savvy person in your life, whether it's your husband, son, or daughter.

Don't forget, however, that the backpack itself doesn't power up – it only provides an easy-access charging port. The backpack is made with water-resistant and durable polyester fabric, with reliable metal zippers ensuring that this backpack will last for many years of daily use.

It's perfect for any occasion, whether you need a professional-looking work bag or a slim and sleek backpack to take to college. These laptop backpacks are recommended for anyone from the age of five years old and up, making them a great purchase for anyone in need of a reliable and stylish backpack.

KROSER Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch

Best For Lightweight

Kroser Laptop Backpacks

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Why We Like It

KROSER Laptop Backpacks, are the ultimate travel companion for anyone who is constantly on the go. This stylish laptop backpack crafted from a combination of PU leather and nylon, this water-repellent backpack is perfect for any occasion. Measuring 16.9" x 11.15" x 7.5" and weighing only 1.82 lbs, this backpack is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.

The KROSER Laptop Backpack also features a built-in USB port, allowing you to conveniently charge your cell phone with an external power bank (power bank not included). The bag also provides plenty of room for your laptop and tablet, and open pockets and mesh pockets provide ample storage space for your smaller items such as credit cards and keys.

With stylish black leather pullers and a simple and practical design, this backpack is the perfect choice for people who value style and convenience.

So whether you’re a student, professional, or globetrotter, the KROSER Laptop Backpack is the perfect companion. Get it now and experience the convenience of the KROSER Laptop Backpack!

What Else You Should Know

This versatile backpack offers many attractive features that make it a reliable choice for a variety of purposes. The reinforced edges and steel frame of the main compartment ensure that the bag maintains its perfect shape and is durable enough to withstand regular use. In addition, the unique leather handles complement the shoulder straps well, providing a high-quality feel to the overall design.

The well-knit luggage strap is another handy feature that can make your journey and travelling more convenient wherever you go. You can easily fix the backpack on the trolley of your luggage with the strap, which is especially useful when navigating airports or public transportation.

Overall, this stylish backpack is not only fashionable but highly practical as well, making it a great companion for college, travel, business, everyday use and outdoor activities. It also makes for a thoughtful gift option for friends, family members, or loved ones.

FALANKO Laptop Backpack

Best For ipad Pocket

Falanko Laptop Backpacks

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Why We Like It

The FALANKO Laptop Backpacks are the perfect companion for any busy professional these days. Measuring 11.4"x 7"x 15.7" (length x width x height), it features a 20L capacity, durable water-resistant and environmentally friendly materials and a sturdy metal zipper.

Its work travel design allows you to bring everything you need while still being able to maintain a stylish look. This versatile backpack also can be used as a college school student backpack, a convertible tote backpack or a work laptop backpack, just to name a few!

The FALANKO Laptop Backpack has lots of features you'll love. It features two front pockets, four inner small pockets, two outside pockets, one main pocket, one laptop compartment with padded for 15.6 inch laptop, one iPad pocket, and one interior zipper pocket.

The spacious backpack also features an anti-theft zipper in the back as well as a steel frame to keep its perfect shape and its durability. The padded back panel and shoulder straps also provide extra comfort when carrying the backpack.

The FALANKO Laptop Backpack is the perfect gift this Christmas and New Year and it would even make a great Mother's Day gift as well. So don't wait and get this versatile and stylish backpack now!

What Else You Should Know

Finding a backpack that is both functional and stylish can be a daunting task, but the tote backpack is the perfect solution. This travel laptop backpack features a doctor bag-style opening, allowing for easy access to all your items without the hassle of digging. With a rectangular frame and reinforced edges, the main compartment of this backpack stays in perfect shape no matter how much you carry.

But perhaps the most innovative feature of this backpack is the built-in USB charger cable and power bank pocket. It's like having a mobile charging station wherever you go, making charging your electronic devices on the road a breeze. Don't let your backpack slow you down – upgrade to the Tote backpack for women.

UGRACE Vintage Laptop Backpack

Why We Like It

The UGRACE Vintage Laptop Backpack is designed for fashion-conscious urbanites who want to carry their laptop and other everyday essentials without it weighing them down. The laptop sleeve is roomy enough to fit laptops up to 15.6”, and the rest of the backpack is still spacious enough to fit your clothes, books, and purse. This isn’t just your average backpack; it goes above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need.

The two front zip pockets give you quick and easy access to your phone, earbuds, and other small items, and the inside mesh pouch serves as a pocket for your power bank so you can charge your phone on the go. And of course, we haven’t forgotten the water bottle pocket and umbrella pocket.

UGRACEAll of this comes wrapped up in a lightweight, tear-resistant exterior crafted from durable Oxford fabric and a high-grade polyester lining. UGrace makes a statement through its classic, vintage style to help you stand out from the crowd. With the UGRACE Vintage Laptop Backpack, convenience and style go hand in hand.

What Else You Should Know

If you're someone who's always on the go, you know how crucial it is to have a fully charged phone. That's why this laptop backpack is a must-have. It boasts a USB charging port on the outside, allowing you to charge your phone while on the move with ease. Additionally, the backpack comes with a built-in charging cable and an exquisite pocket inside to put your power bank.

Connect your power bank to your phone through the original USB cable and the USB charging port and leave your hands free without worrying about your phone running out of juice.

This backpack is not only highly functional but also stylish, with its vintage design, broad soft adjustable shoulder straps, premium materials, and beautiful PU leather belt and corner decor. It's perfect for daily use and will protect your belongings from outside damage.

Ytonet Laptop Backpack

Best For Water Resistant

Ytonet Laptop Backpack

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for a backpack that can keep up with an active lifestyle? Look no further than the Ytonet Laptop Backpack!

This high-quality laptop backpack offers convenience and durability all in one package. With a laptop compartment capable of protecting up to 15.6-inch laptops and Macbooks, you can be sure that your items will be safe and secure. And there's plenty of room for other items such as iPads, books, kindles, and water bottles too.

The backpack is approved by most airlines for your personal items, eliminating the need for those pesky overhead luggage fees. It also has multiple anti-theft pockets to keep your wallet protected, as well as a built-in RFID pocket to keep your personal information safe.

With a back-side luggage strap, the Ytonet Laptop Backpack for Women is the perfect combination of convenience, security, and durability all in one stylish design. So why wait? Get your hands on this stylish and practical laptop backpack and make your travels and business trips more convenient today!

What Else You Should Know

Are you tired of always struggling to find an outlet to charge your phone when you're on the go? Look no further than a bookbag equipped with a USB charging port! Whether you're heading to work, traveling, or going to class, this backpack can save you lots of trouble and free up your hands for more fun activities.

And it's not just for school - it can also be used as a nurse bag, work bag, help organize camera gear bag or college bag. The water-resistant polyester fabric and sturdy zippers ensure your belongings stay safe and dry, while the adjustable padded shoulder straps make carrying this backpack a breeze.

With its perfect size of 16.5 * 12 * 8 inches, you'll have plenty of space for all your essentials. Say goodbye to worrying about finding a place to charge your devices - with this backpack, you'll always be prepared.

FAQs About the Best Laptop Backpacks

1. What features should I look for in a college backpack laptop bag?

  • Look for features like durability, ample storage compartments, padded laptop sleeve, comfortable straps, and water resistance.

2. What is the ideal size for a college backpack?

  • A laptop backpack with a capacity of around 20-30 liters is generally considered ideal for college and university, providing enough space for books, a laptop, and other essentials.

3. Should I get a backpack with a dedicated laptop compartment?

  • Yes, having a dedicated laptop compartment with padding is highly recommended to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches.

4. Can I use a hiking backpack for college?

  • While hiking backpacks are spacious and durable, they may not have the necessary organizational features required for college. It's better to choose a backpack specifically designed for college use that has a laptop bag.

5. Is it important for a college backpack to be water-resistant?

  • Yes, a water-resistant backpack can protect your belongings from light rain or accidental spills, ensuring that your books and electronics remain dry. It should also provide laptop protection.

6. What type of straps should I look for in a college backpack?

  • Look for padded and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure comfort, especially if you'll be carrying heavy loads. Chest and waist straps can provide additional support and distribute weight evenly.

7. Are there any eco-friendly backpack options available?

  • Yes, many companies now offer eco-friendly backpacks made from recycled materials or sustainable fabrics.

8. Can I find backpacks with USB charging ports for college?

  • Yes, there are backpacks available with built-in USB charging ports. These allow you to conveniently charge your devices on the go, using a power bank.

9. How can I ensure the longevity of my college backpack?

  • To ensure longevity, avoid overloading your everyday backpack, clean it regularly according to manufacturer instructions, handle zippers, zippered pockets and straps with care, and store it in a dry place when not in use.

Note: The information provided here is based on general recommendations and user preferences. It's always a good idea to read reviews and consider your personal needs before purchasing a college backpack.


In conclusion, choosing the right backpack for college or university is crucial for a successful and comfortable academic journey. After exploring various options, we have found that the best backpacks are those that combine durability, functionality, and style.

These backpacks come with features such as padded laptop compartments, multiple pockets for organization, ergonomic designs, and adjustable straps for optimal comfort.

Additionally, they are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Investing in a reliable backpack not only protects your belongings but also supports your overall well-being by reducing strain on your back and shoulders.

Remember to prioritize your specific needs and preferences when selecting a backpack, as it will be your trusted companion throughout your educational endeavors.

Happy backpack shopping!