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Our Favorite Portable Ice Makers

Look no further! We have found the best portable ice makers that are perfect for your next outdoor adventure!
Our Favorite Portable Ice Makers

Looking for easy, portable ice makers when you go camping?

Look no further! We have found the best portable ice makers that have the highest quality automatic ice makers that are perfect for your next outdoor adventure. You can make sure you have plenty of ice to last through all kinds of weather conditions without filling all those ice cube trays. Say goodbye to ice-makers taking up way too much space in your cooler or bag - now they can slide right into it!

Get ready to enjoy cold drinks at camp any time with our top-of-the-line selection. They come in different sizes and colors, so there's something here for everyone.

You won't believe how quickly these ice makers turn water into delicious ice cubes in different shapes like nugget ice or bullet ice cubes — no more waiting hours before you can cool down after a hot afternoon hike!

Order one of these high quality ice makers today and get ready to beat the summer heat without losing valuable storage space in your bag or cooler. Take the work out of the ice production and make how much ice you need!

Enjoy cold beverages from nature’s bounty anytime, anywhere with an ice machine!

How We Choose The Best

It's tough to keep your drinks cold during the summer without a lot of ice, and it's even tougher to make enough ice when you're hosting a party.

Making a lot of ice can be really hard, especially if you don't have an ice maker. You have to wait for water to freeze, then remember to transfer the ice into a cooler or storage container. By the time you're done, there's usually not enough room in the freezer for all your food.

With the best ice makers, you can make as much or as little ice as you need without ever having to leave your house. Plus, a small ice maker are easy to use and easy to clean so you'll never have an excuse not to have cold drinks at your next party.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best portable ice makers. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

Why You Need An Ice Maker

With your camping trips, boating excursions and tailgates becoming ever more memorable occasions, why not make sure you have a fun way to keep the refreshments extra chilled?

Say goodbye to those inconvenient bag of ice runs or unknown water origins - it's time for a portable countertop ice makers! Not only will this take care of your cold drinks but also help out with food storage too - no more spoilage worries about that shrimp cocktail platter. Keep things cool (literally!) wherever you go now without having any second thoughts- let’s get icy!

Skip the risk of potentially contaminated pre-made ice from your local convenience store! Get guaranteed freshness and cleanliness with a countertop ice maker. Compact, lightweight models are perfect for any countertop or camping table so you can enjoy perfectly chilled drinks anywhere.

Some Tips For Using Portable Ice Makers

Clean the ice maker regularly: It's important to clean your ice maker every few weeks to prevent any buildup of bacteria or mold.

Use filtered water: Using filtered water can improve the taste and quality of your ice cubes.

Don't overload the machine: Make sure not to overfill the water reservoir or add too much ice to the machine as it can cause damage.

Let it rest before use: When you first set up your ice maker, let it sit for a few hours before using it to allow the refrigerant to settle.

Empty the ice basket frequently: Make sure to empty the ice basket frequently so that your machine doesn't stop producing ice due to an overflow of cubes.

Store unused ice in a freezer bag: If you don't plan on using all of the ice right away, store it in a freezer bag in your freezer for later use.

Keep it level: Ensure that your ice maker is level and stable before turning it on as this will help with proper operation and prevent leaks.

Remember these tips and you'll be able to enjoy fresh, clean, and delicious ice cubes from your ice maker for years to come!

Deco Rapid Portable Automatic Ice Maker

Best For Ice in 6 Minutes

Deco Rapid Automatic Ice Maker

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Why We Like It

Enjoy ice on demand with the Deco Rapid Automatic Portable Ice Maker! Perfect for your RV, boat, or small kitchen, this convenient appliance is a must-have when it comes to entertaining guests and stocking up the fridge without filling up a lot of ice cube trays.

Plug in the unit and get ready for up to 26 pounds of fresh bullet shaped ice cubes in just 6 minutes. That’s right – no more pesky ice trays! Plus, you don’t need any installation whatsoever! The Deco Rapid is so hassle-free that you can take it with you wherever life may take you.

Get ready to enjoy an ice cold drink every time without all the extra effort – it couldn’t be easier! So why wait? Get your very own Deco Rapid Automatic Portable Ice Maker today and start enjoying freshly made ice like never before.

What Else You Should Know

The Deco Rapid Portable Automatic Ice Maker makes life so much easier. Not only is it quick and efficient, but it has a whole host of features that make it incredibly user-friendly.

The integrated storage bin is well-insulated so the ice remains cool, yet accessible, and holds up to 1.5 lbs of ice at any time. You can easily switch this unit on or off and choose your desired ice size using the control panel.

And don't worry if you're running low on water - you'll receive an alert indicator right on the unit when the levels are low or if the tray has reached its capacity. Plus, there's no need for guessing as to how full the tray is; just take a peek through the crystal clear window!


Best For Ice in 5-8 Minutes

Free Village Portable Ice Maker

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Why We Like It

Bring the power of convenience to your home or event with the FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker. From parties and camping trips to BBQs and movie nights, this countertop ice maker puts cold refreshment on the menu anytime you want it!

Have freshly-made ice in just 5-8 minutes, with two different sizes to choose from: a slow melting bullet ice shape or classic cubes. Lightweight and portable, this sleek ice maker easily fits in any kitchen to give you full service on demand.

If freshness is your priority, then the FREE VILLAGE has you covered. Featuring an upgraded compressor that produces up to 26.5 lbs of ice per day, so you never run out of that perfect accompaniment for a cold drink or summer cocktail again.

With its clear window for easy viewing and efficient performance, this powerful machine will be sure to top off any social gathering, camping trip or lonely night in with delicious frozen fun!

What Else You Should Know

The FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker is a convenient and functional countertop ice maker that effortlessly produces chilled ice cubes in minutes. Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to store away or take with you. It is perfect for home, office, or bar use.

Operating at just 45 decibels, this ice maker produces noise-free ice cubes without disruption. Furthermore, it also comes with a self-cleaning function so you don't have to worry about manual cleaning.

If you want fresh, crystal clear ice cubes quickly and effortlessly, this countertop ice maker is the way to go! If you have any questions regarding its usage or features, please feel free to contact us.

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

Best For Ice In 7 Minutes

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

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Why We Like It

The magic of the Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker! This little powerhouse is 27 lb in weight, making it perfectly compact for whatever space you’re working with. There’s no need to worry about a huge ice maker taking up valuable counter real estate when this model takes up only a fraction of it.

The most impressive feature, though? Making ice in as little as 7 minutes! Not only will you be able to make all the refreshing, much-needed ice you want during your next get-together but you can do so in record time.

Get ready for party guests or weekend visitors that are always looking for something tasty and cooled off quickly - this magical ice maker can handle all your needs with ease.

Finally, an ice maker that fits into any home without hassles while still giving you icy satisfaction at top speed! Get your Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker today and bring the wintery chill right into your home.

What Else You Should Know

The Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker is a must-have for any kitchen. With the ability to make 9 ice cubes per cycle, you can have icy refreshment in no time! You even have the choice to make small or large cubes so there's something to suit everyone's preferences.

Making up to 27 pounds of ice each day, you'll never run out of your favorite frozen treat - the perfect solution for summer parties and family gatherings. All components required are included with purchase, like the ice maker itself, an ice basket, scoop and manual as well as a warranty for your peace of mind.

Get ready for delicious iced drinks whenever you need it with this convenient Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker!

Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine

Best For Retro Style

Igloo Automatic Portable Ice Maker

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Why We Like It

Make having cold drinks whenever and wherever you need easy with the Igloo Automatic Portable Ice Maker! This retro metallic red ice maker looks great while producing enough ice to keep your drinks cool all day long. With its compact size, it fits easily into smaller spaces, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink even when space is limited.

The Igloo ice maker is designed for convenience and makes groups of up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Just keep the water tank filled and let this portable ice maker powerhouse do the rest.

It's easy to use and there are no complicated settings or idea: just plug it in, fill it with water, choose your cube size and wait for the ultimate chill! Life's too short to worry about having enough ice, so make sure you always have a steady flow available with this fantastic device.

What Else You Should Know

This portable ice maker can store up to two pounds of ice at a time, making 9 small or large cylinder-shaped cubes in as little as 7 minutes. What sets this ice maker aside from the rest is its simple, yet effective control panel - illuminated by LED lights and easy to understand.

With the user sure they never miss a beat while using this unit, one will always know when its time to add more water with its 3 quart water tank capacity. Finally, you can choose the size of your desired cubes for any type of drink or beverage you need chilled quickly!

FRIGIDAIRE Compact Ice Maker

Best For Eco-Friendly

Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker

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Why We Like It

If you're looking for an efficient and modern ice maker, the FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker is perfect for you! With a sleek and modern design and transparent window, it's designed to fit any kitchen or living room space quickly.

It comes equipped with 5 press button controls to select the size of your ice cube; just choose the one that fits your glass! This small yet powerful machine produces 9 cubes per cycle in about 6 minutes and can store up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. It's also eco-friendly, as any unused ice melts into a new clean batch using recycled water.

So don't forget; if you want convenience and efficiency, then this amazing countertop ice maker is exactly what you need!

What Else You Should Know

Our ice maker offers outstanding functionality and versatility; when the basket is full, it alerts you of this fact so that you can take out the cubes, and if it is running low on water, it will let you know to add more. The choice of bullet ice in two different sizes makes this a highly versatile addition to any household.

Not only that, but its large capacity adds even more value: with a 2.3qt water reservoir, this ice maker produces a generous volume of ice each batch and stores 1.5lbs of ice at a time in its large bin. This ensures that you never run short on ice cubes during gatherings or hot days!

FAQ’s Ice Makers

1.What is a portable ice maker?

A portable ice maker is a countertop appliance that produces ice cubes on demand. It doesn't require a water hookup and can be easily moved from one location to another.

2.How does a portable ice maker work?

Portable ice makers use an electric motor, refrigerant, and heating element to freeze and release the ice cubes. They typically have a water reservoir that users fill manually.

3.How long does it take for a portable ice maker to make ice?

Most ice makers can produce their first batch of ice in as little as 6-7 minutes. The total time it takes to make a full batch varies by model but usually ranges between 15-20 minutes.

4.Can I use tap water in my portable ice maker?

Yes, you can use tap water in your ice maker, but it's recommended that you use filtered or bottled water for better-tasting ice.

5.How much does a typical portable ice maker cost?

Prices for portable ice makers vary depending on the brand and model but typically range between $100-$300.

6.How much space do I need for a portable ice maker?

Portable ice makers come in various sizes, but most models are compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter without taking up too much space.

7.Do I need special cleaning products for my portable ice maker?

No, you don't need any special cleaning products for your ice maker. You can clean it using warm soapy water and vinegar.

8.Can I store my unused ice in the freezer?

Yes, you can store unused ice from your portable ice maker in the freezer if you want to keep it frozen for later use.

9.How often should I clean my portable icemaker?

It's recommended that you clean your portable ice maker at least once every few months or more frequently if you use it often.

10.Can I take my portable icemaker with me when traveling?

Yes, you can take ice makers with you when traveling as long as you have access to electricity and water. It's also important to check airline regulations before attempting to bring it on board a plane.


Looking for a portable ice maker to make entertaining and entertaining easier? The options in this article are a great place to start. Any of these portable ice makers will be an excellent addition to your household, providing quick and easy ice whenever you need it. So no more ice cube trays!

Plus, they can fit in just about any kitchen and are great for camping! no matter the size. They are an affordable, convenient way to stay stocked with ice when it’s time to entertain guests or enjoy a cold beverage.

We hope this article was useful in helping you narrow down your search for the perfect portable ice maker. Be sure to research all of your options thoroughly and ponder which one is right for you. Thanks for reading!