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Light up the Night: Modern Outdoor Lights That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Outdoor modern house lights add style and sophistication to any outdoor area!
Light up the Night: Modern Outdoor Lights That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Looking to light up the exterior of your home?

Outdoor modern house lights add style and sophistication to any outdoor area. This selection includes a range of contemporary designs that will instantly update any outdoor space with their sleek, modern look. Whether you’re looking for something small or big, bright or subtle, we have found plenty of options to choose from that will make sure your home stands out in the neighborhood.

Show off your unique style with our stunning collection of outdoor wall lights – perfect for setting up an inviting ambiance for family gatherings and entertaining friends!

Each piece is made with durable materials so you can feel confident they'll last through all sorts of weather conditions. Plus, each one is designed with energy-saving technology so you can be proud knowing it's also good for the environment.

Explore the curated collection today that we reviewed and find the perfect outdoor wall lights for your home!

How We Choose The Best

Lighting your outdoor space can be cumbersome. Big lights are clunky and require complicated installations, while solar-powered lighting is unreliable and doesn’t last very long.

You need a reliable light solution that looks great and is easy to install while also being energy efficient.

Outdoor wall lights are a revolutionary new system of LED lights designed with convenience in mind. They look great, have an energy-efficient design, and are built to last for years to come. Get the perfect outdoor illumination without all the hassle.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find outdoor modern house lights.  We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

TUORD Long Outdoor LED Wall Lights

Best For Long Lights

TUORD Long Outdoor Led Wall Lights

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for the perfect way to light up your outdoor space? Then the TUORD Long Outdoor LED Wall Lights are the answer! Our wall lights are simple yet modern in design, with a unique lighting effect that casts a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The black wall mount throws light up and outward in four directions, creating a bright and inviting porch entryway that won't disrupt your neighbors at night. Plus, these LEDs are incredibly energy efficient, so you can keep them on for long periods without blowing through electricity. With beautiful design and plenty of illumination, our wall lights will make your home stand out from the rest.

What Else You Should Know

When it comes to lighting, choosing the right temperature is important. At 3000 Kelvin, warm white lights create a cozy and romantic atmosphere without the harshness of flash, which also helps to protect your eyes. The added benefit of an IP65 waterproof level makes these wall lamps suitable for many different settings.

From hallways to front porches and coffee shops to exhibition halls, these wall lamps provide both an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution. Installation is made easy with their surface-mounted, wired design, and they can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to match your decor.

Plus, with energy-saving features, you can join in environmental efforts while still reducing your electricity bills. Lastly, the water-resistant LED driver comes equipped with short circuit and overload protection for added safety.

Ralbay 24W LED Outdoor Wall Lights

Best For IP65 water protection

Ralbay Outdoor Wall Lights

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Why We Like It

Say hello to the perfect outdoor wall lights from Ralbay! Beautiful and practical, these 2 black wall lamps are made of stainless steel that has been statically sprayed with epoxy resin for a modern look you’ll love in your garden or patio area. The lampshade is made of acrylic, providing a soft light that creates a pleasant atmosphere for any occasion.

These outdoor wall lights aren’t afraid of the elements either – their IP65 water protection level means they’re ready to brave whatever Mother Nature throws their way and keep your outdoor space illuminated all year round!

Feel free to mount these hardworking lights on any outdoor wall or post – just make sure not to immerse them in water, as this could affect their performance over time.

Bring convenient lighting anywhere with these stylish Ralbay 24W LED Outdoor Wall Lights! Get yours while supplies last!

What Else You Should Know

Transform your outdoor living spaces with this wonderfully designed outdoor wall sconce. Equipped with a rotatable joint that connects the lampshade with the aluminum base, this wall light offers you the freedom to adjust the lighting angle of the lampshade by 350°- giving you ultimate control over where to direct the light.

At just 16 cm * 20.6 cm * 17 cm (D * W * H), this compact design boasts a powerful 24 W LED lightbulb that offers a brightness of 1320 LM. Whether it's to light up your corridors, outdoor balconies, garden paths, garage doors, or any other outdoor setting, this assembled black wall light is easy to install- you just need to fix it on the wall and connect the power.

Brighten up your world with this stylish and efficient outdoor wall sconce- the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Tewei LED Square Up and Down Lights

Best For 3000K 1100LM Warm White

Tewei LED Square Up and Down Wall Lights

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Why We Like It

Let there be light! With Tewei LED Square Up and Down Outdoor Wall Lights, you'll get the perfect outdoor lighting for your home. The innovative design fits in all kinds of settings and adds a modern touch to any room, porch, yard or patio.

It's not only aesthetically pleasing but highly practical too; it creates beautiful illumination of up to 270 degrees while saving energy. It can be mounted up or down depending on what kind of mood or ambience you wish to create.

The electronic components are top-notch as well—the two bulbs each have 4*GU10 3000K LEDs that give more efficiency and greater energy savings making sure your energy bills are kept low. Its waterproof properties make sure it’s fit for both indoor and outdoor use withstanding the sun, wind, rain or whatever nature throws at you. This is an ideal wall light for projects like porch walls, garage walls, patio walls- virtually any modern wall set up!

So why wait? Get the Tewei LED Square Up and Down Outdoor Wall Lights today and enjoy enhanced visual appeal and practical function right from day one!

What Else You Should Know

If you're looking to add a touch of style and functionality to your outdoor space, the Tewei LED Square Up and Down Outdoor Lights could be just what you need. Made from high-quality heavy-duty rugged die-casting aluminum, these wall mount light fixtures are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, effectively preventing rustiness or corrosion.

Thanks to their IP65 waterproof rating, you don't have to worry about damage from rain, snow, or other moisture. Measuring 4.3 inches in length, 4.3 inches in width, and 12 inches in height, these modern outdoor wall sconces are hard-wired and come with LED bulbs as well as all the necessary mounting hardware for a quick, easy, and hassle-free installation. And if you ever need to replace the bulb, the process is as simple as can be.

Cerdeco Black Rectangle Modern LED Outdoor Wall Sconce

Best For 12W 3000K

Cerdeco's Black Rectangle Modern Wall Sconce

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Why We Like It

Welcome the brilliance of the modern age with Cerdeco’s Black Rectangle Modern LED Outdoor Wall Sconce. This unique, sleek sconce is designed to add a special touch to any outdoor space. With its hyperbolic crossover appearance, it has an aesthetic and practical double function that fits with any minimalist or contemporary garden look.

The Up Down LED Light in this wall fixture is widely used for outdoor patios or walkways, making it a perfect all-in-1 solution for your lighting needs. You’ll be amazed at how this simple product can instantly enhance the aura of your outdoor space and create an inviting atmosphere that your friends and family will love.

So why wait? Invest in quality lighting today and start enjoying the benefits of Cerdeco!

What Else You Should Know

The black outdoor wall light wall mount is the perfect addition to any home looking for a modern and sophisticated touch. Its elongated design is not only stylish but also emits soft and bright light in four directions, seamlessly decorating your house while creating a pleasant ambiance.

It effectively illuminates porch entryways without casting unwanted light toward neighboring houses. This wall light's style and simplicity are what make it stand out, enhancing your home's overall appearance and providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all. Don't hesitate to add this contemporary wall light to your home and enjoy its unique lighting effect today.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Best For Simple Cylinder Shape

Eatich Outdoor Wall Lights

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Why We Like It

Enhance your outdoor area with a timeless look! Introducing Eatich Outdoor Wall Lights, featuring a classic cylinder shape and matte black finish for a simple yet elegant style. Made from high-quality aluminum and clear tempered glass, this durable wall sconce will resist any weather conditions and last for years to come.

It features both up and down lighting to illuminate your outdoor area in both directions — perfect for creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to light up your porch, garden, balcony or corridor, these stunning wall lights are sure to make the perfect addition to your home. Make the most of your outdoor spaces with Eatich Outdoor Wall Lights

What Else You Should Know

If you're looking for a sturdy and weather-resistant outdoor wall light, the Eatich Outdoor Wall Lights might just be the perfect fit for you. Made of heavy-duty die-casting aluminum, these sconces are built to withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions, as well as impact and high temperatures.

Plus, they come with an ETL listing, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that they meet crucial safety standards. Installing the lights is incredibly easy too - just a few steps of screwing the lights to the wall, connecting the cable, and installing the bulbs, then you're good to go.

FAQ’s Modern Contemporary House Lights

1. What are some benefits of using outdoor modern house lights?

Outdoor modern house lights can enhance the curb appeal of your home, provide added security, and increase visibility for safer navigation around your property.

2. Are outdoor house lights energy-efficient?

Yes, most outdoor lighting fixtures use LED technology that is energy-efficient and long-lasting, providing cost savings over time on your energy bill.

3. How do I choose the right modern house lights for my home?

Consider the style of your home, the lighting needs of your outdoor space, and the level of brightness you desire when selecting outdoor modern house lights.

4. Can outdoor house lights withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, high-quality modern outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind.

5. How should I install outdoor modern house lights?

It is recommended to hire a professional electrician to install outdoor wall lights for the safest and most efficient installation.  Don't forget to pick up some bulbs too when you shop.

6. Can outdoor modern house lights be controlled with a smartphone or smart home device?

Yes, many modern outdoor lighting fixtures are compatible with smartphone apps and smart home devices, allowing for remote control and customization of lighting settings.

7. Do outdoor modern house lights require maintenance?

While LED technology provides long-lasting performance, it is recommended to clean outdoor all lights periodically to ensure optimal functionality and appearance.

8. Can outdoor wall lights be dimmed?

Yes, many modern outdoor lighting fixtures offer dimming capabilities for customizable lighting options.

9. Are outdoor lights expensive?

The cost of outdoor patio lights can vary depending on the style, quality, and features of the fixture, but there are options available at various price points.

10. Can outdoor lights be used for decorative purposes?

Yes, outdoor lights can serve both functional and decorative purposes to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space.


So, if you're looking for modern house lights that can light up your outdoor space, consider the many options available. Whether you want something subtle and minimalistic or bold and eye-catching, there is sure to be something that fits your style.

Plus, with advancements in solar and LED technology, the energy cost of modern outdoor lighting continues to drop. Let your garden turn into a cozy and inviting area at night with some beautiful new lighting without soaring electricity bills!