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How To Keep Your Pet Safe & Healthy With The Latest Gadgets

The latest gadgets and accessories to make life easier for you and your dog!
How To Keep Your Pet Safe & Healthy With The Latest Gadgets

Has shopping for your pet become like a second job?

Well, Pet Tech & Gadgets has you covered! We have reviewed all of the latest gadgets and accessories to make life easier for you and your furry friends. Technology has really changed the pet game! From finding missing pets to helping our canine companions get into shape, there are more ways than ever before to make sure our furry friends stay safe and healthy.

Imagine being able to pre-program feeding times or track their activity levels from anywhere in the world through our tech solutions—no more worrying about when Fido ate last. These products are designed with convenience and quality in mind, so both of you can enjoy more time together without any fuss.

Read our review today and find out what kind of gadget would best suit your four-legged friend! Shop now and don’t miss out on amazing opportunities!

How We Choose The Best

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews and other pet store reviews to find the best tech gadgets for your pet. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to pet stores and Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

High Tech Pet Human Contain Multi-Function Electric Fence Upgrade Kit

High Tech Pet Contain Multi-Function Electric Fence

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Why We Like It

Introducing the High Tech Pet Human Contain Multi-Function Electric Fence Upgrade Kit! Get the peace of mind and convenience of owning a reliable pet containment system without fretting about manual stimulus levels. With the Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System™, get humane and reliable containment with an automatic adjustment of stimulus intensity based on your pup's distance from the boundary.

Our ultra-slim, waterproof collar fits comfortably around even the fluffiest coat and comes with a rechargeable battery so you never need to worry about running out of juice. Best of all, each kit comes with everything you need for an easily customizable installation. Don’t wait another minute to keep your pet within designated boundaries - pick up this upgrade kit today!

What Else You Should Know

The collar also features an ultrasonic transmitter that controls optional electronic pet doors, indoor and outdoor sonic fences and scat pad accessories. You may use this product as a superior, stand-alone electronic fence or mix and match the accessories to create your own custom electronic pet care system.

One small collar controls everything! The system comes with a waterproof, outdoor mountable transmitter with coded digital signal, fully illuminated status panel, audible and visual wire break alarms, power boost switch and variable field width control.

The transmitter also accepts an optional, rechargeable back-up battery (model B-12V-0.8) that keeps your system operational during a power outage and automatically recharges when power is restored.

Key Features:

  • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus
  • Rechargeable Collar Operates All PAW Accessories
  • Ultra-Slim Collar, Comfort-Fit Design
  • Ultra-lightweight Collar (Only 1.3 oz.)
  • Illuminated System Control Panel
  • Audible & Visual Wire Break Alarms
  • Power Boost
  • Waterproof Outdoor Mountable
  • Optional, AUTO-RECHARGING Back-Up Battery

GoPet Treadmill

GoPet Treadmill

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Why We Like It

The GOPET™ TREADMILL is the perfect way to provide your pup with an excellent source of exercise. This treadmill features an adjustable speed that can be controlled either through a series of buttons directly on the treadmill or from a remote control. The treadmill also features dolly wheels so it can be easily placed anywhere in your home or conveniently moved in and out of storage.

What Else You Should Know

The GoPet Treadmill begins with a slow saunter and gradually increases its pace for your dog's convenience. This 1 horsepower motor gives your dog ample exercise with a treadmill that is available in 6 sizes for dogs of any size. Keep your dog healthy in spite of the weather- order this amazing treadmill today!


  • Great source of exercise for overweight dogs or physical outlet for energetic dogs
  • Perfect for owners who do not have the running space dogs require
  • Adjustable speed allows for a casual walk or spirited run
  • Metal eyelet allows for toy to be attached to front of treadmill to inspire dogs to run

Petcube Play - Rose Gold

Petcube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

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Why We Like It

The Petcube Play - Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera allows you to stay connected to your pets while you're away with streaming video straight to your mobile device!

The PetCube provides a 138° wide angle camera to stream HD 720p video through any standard home Wi-Fi connection. The device itself is housed in a sleek aluminum case that features a silicon foot to act as a mounting bracket for the typical tripod.

The PetCube Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera is lightweight and can be plugged in with a standard US 110/240 V AC adapter to ensure it is easy to set up and keep running throughout the day. The device also features a built-in microphone and speaker so that you can maintain a 2-way audio stream with your pet.

What Else You Should Know

The PetCube Play also features a build-in 5mW 3R class laser, so that you can use it as a laser toy to keep your pet entertained from afar. The device is easy to use and features apps available in both the App Store and Google Play, to ensure you can use it from nearly any device. Never wait to see your pet again and keep them entertained from afar with this futuristic innovation by ordering today!

Key Features:

  • 138° wide angle camera (for HD 720p video), built-in microphone, speaker, and 5mW 3R laser all built into compact, aluminum housing
  • Connects to home Wi-Fi to stream to iOS and Android compatible software
  • Plus in via 110/240 V power adapter (standard US plug)
  • Can be mounted on standard tripods with mounting bracket on bottom of device

ProHunter 2 Mile Remote

Prohunter 2525

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Why We Like It

The PROHUNTER 2525 combines the traditional design of the ProHunter’s transmitters with the advanced features of the latest remote trainers. This collar features up to 27 stimulation levels, with the choice of continuous or momentary correction, and vibration and tone options.

What Else You Should Know

With a massive 2 mile range, the ProHunter is ideal for hounds, beagles and far-ranging pointing dogs. Using a DryTek Waterproof Design, the ProHunter Collar is waterproof and submersible to 25 ft, making it ideal for harsh weather and environments.

This correction system is expandable to up to 6 dogs, with additional collars. The convenient docking station recharges the ProHunter’s battery in 2 hours.

Key Features

  • Up to 27 stimulation levels (9 each at low, medium, or high setting)
  • Choice of continuous or momentary correction
  • Vibration and Tone Options
  • 2 mile range
  • Fully customizable – over 15 different modes
  • Basic training DVD and manual included
  • Ergonomic, slim-profile collar receiver
  • Convenient docking station charges system in 2 hours
  • Drytek Waterproof Design Technology
  • Expandable to 6 dogs

Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Fence

Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Fence

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Why We Like It

Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Fence. Keep your dog or cat off the couch, away from the kitchen table or out of an entire room with our new Sound Barrier™ Indoor Sonic Fence.

This indoor electronic pet barrier for dogs and cats uses audible sound - not shock - to keep your pet out of restricted areas. Receiver unit may be placed on table tops, by doors, beds, couches, trash cans or anywhere that is "off limits" to pets.

The lightweight electronic pet collar sends an ultrasonic signal that triggers a loud sonic blast at the receiver unit to make your pet scat! Dogs and cats are easily trained to stay away. This ultrasonic system is superior to cheaper infrared devices because it allows people to come and go without triggering the alarm.

What Else You Should Know

The sonic alarm is triggered only by your pet's individual electronic transmitting collar. Range is fully adjustable from 1 ft. up to 35 ft. System includes one receiver module and one pet collar transmitter. Transmitter comes with lithium battery. Standard 9 Volt battery required for receiver (not included).

Add an unlimited number of extra collars (High Tech Pet model MS-4) to control multiple pets. Add extra receivers (High Tech Pet model SBR-1) to protect multiple areas. Collar also operates our Power Pet fully automatic pet doors. Receiver is also operated by the Humane Contain® model RX-10 electronic fence collar.

Key Features

  • 1 Sound Barrier Receiver
  • 1 Pet Collar Transmitter.
  • Transmitter comes with lithium battery included. 9 volt battery required for receiver (may be ordered below).


1.What types of pet tech & gadgets are available?

Pet tech & gadgets can range from simple toys and interactive apps to sophisticated medical devices and wearables. Some of the most popular pet tech & gadgets include feeders, fountains, automatic play toys, GPS trackers, health monitors, cameras, and much more.

2.How do I choose the right pet tech & gadget for my pet?

Choosing the right pet tech & gadget for your pet depends on your individual needs and budget. Consider what type of functionality you need, how often you plan on using it with your pet, and whether you have enough resources to maintain any associated fees or subscriptions.

Researching different products is also important so that you can find a product that fits your specific needs.

3.Are there pet tech & gadgets tailored to my breed of dog or cat?

Yes – some manufacturers design their products specifically for certain breeds of cats or dogs in order to better meet their specific needs. It’s important to research which solutions are best suited to your breed before purchasing anything.

4.Is it safe to use pet tech & gadgets?

Generally speaking, yes – most modern-day pet tech & gadgets are designed with safety in mind and are very reliable tools for keeping your furry friends healthy and active.

However, it’s always important to properly research all potential solutions before making any purchases or using them with your pets – this way you can be sure that whatever device you choose will be safe for them to use without putting them at risk of harm or injury.

5.Can I connect multiple pet tech & gadgets in one system?

While this isn't always possible depending on which type of device(s) you want to link together, many manufacturers create networks capable of connecting multiple devices within a single system if needed (including security systems).

This allows users to easily access data regarding their pets' activity as well as control various aspects remotely – such as turning lights on/off or regulating temperature settings in their living spaces.

6.Are there any age restrictions when it comes to using pet technology?

Generally speaking no – most companies don’t have age restrictions when it comes to their products since they assume users will make responsible decisions with regard to their pets’ safety while utilizing said technology (i.e., not leaving younger children alone with devices like laser pointers or allowing too much freedom with remote-controlled toys).

7.Are there any additional costs associated with having a connected home setup for my pets?

Yes – depending on the type of devices/gadgets being used in a connected home setup, there may be additional costs associated than just those related directly to the purchase price (such as installation fees for certain types of sensors).

Keep an eye out for any potential extra costs that could arise when researching different solutions beforehand so that you know exactly what kind of budget you should allot accordingly (and which services require ongoing fees).


To wrap it up, there are a myriad of pet tech and gadgets available on the market today. Keeping your furry friend safe, healthy, entertained and happy is easy with the right tools! Whether you need a collar that tracks their activity or a toy to keep them engaged while you're away from home – technology has made it all possible!

Cheers to keeping your beloved animals company during your everyday life. Let’s work together to provide them with the best possible quality of life.