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Growing 'Green' In The Great Outdoors: The Allure of Outdoor Greenhouses

Grow a garden full of fruits and vegetables with ease!
Growing 'Green' In The Great Outdoors: The Allure of Outdoor Greenhouses

Looking to create your outdoor oasis?

With outdoor greenhouses, you can grow a garden full of fruits and vegetables with ease. These greenhouses are custom-built for all seasons and geographic locations so you can enjoy growing your favorite plants year-round!  With the greenhouses we reviewed you are sure to find the best greenhouse that is easy to assemble for your needs.

You’ll have an enchanting place in your backyard that’s filled with fragrant flowers and healthy produce. Plus, you don’t even need prior knowledge or experience; we provide easy instructions on how to assemble and maintain everything as well as advice from our experts if any issues come up along the way.

Read on to find the best outdoor greenhouse for your home!

How We Choose The Best

Finding a way to grow all the fresh fruits and vegetables you want without taking up too much of your outdoor space.

Tired of dealing with small, inefficient greenhouses that just don't cut it? Keep getting disappointment when you harvest your crops? Have you grown tired of having to monitor temperature and humidity levels manually?

Look no further than these greenhouse kits! these prefabricated greenhouses take up only a fraction of your outdoor space while providing the ideal environment for success. Plus, the easy setup means you can spend less time dealing with the construction and more time growing big yields of the most delicious produce!

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best outdoor greenhouse kits.  We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

KOKSRY Greenhouses for Outdoors

Best For Frost Protection

KOKSRY Greenhouses

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Why We Like It

When the need for a place to cultivate your plants outdoors arises, the KOKSRY Greenhouses will be your perfect choice! Protected by their robust 16mm diameter steel pipe and strengthened with ground nails and rope to prevent heavy winds from blowing it over, these greenhouses are designed to be highly durable while providing a relatively warm environment that is essential for your plant's growth.

With the KOKSRY Greenhouse, you can extend the growing season by shielding plants from frost and maintaining an interior moisture level. So don't wait for spring to start gardening when you can get an early start with KOKSRY today!

Get in touch with nature year-round by buying one of our greenhouses crafted with traditional materials like steel pipe and personalize it with your paint and accessories. Don’t miss out on earlier harvests - get growing outdoors all year round easily!

What Else You Should Know

A UV plastic cover can make a world of difference in the growth of your plants. Our greenhouse kit features a thickened waterproof PE cover that not only prevents harmful UV rays from burning your plants but also allows for easy regulation of internal and external airflow with mesh screen windows on both sides.

Inside the greenhouse, you'll find a spacious 3-tier layout with 8 shelves that can accommodate all of your seedlings, vegetables, and plants. And, with an outdoor walk-in design measuring 56" in length, 55" in width, and 78" in height, you can easily enter and exit the greenhouse to take care of your plants with ease - from watering and fertilizing to pruning and harvesting. Experience the joy of gardening with the help of our innovative greenhouse kit.

Scool Value Green Houses for Outdoors

Best For Ventilation

Scool Value Green Houses For Outdoors

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Why We Like It

So, you’re looking to improve your outdoor gardening experience? Look no further than Scool Value Green Houses for Outdoors! These greenhouses are designed to last, with rust-resistant steel pipes protecting the structure and sturdy shelf fixers preventing the shelves from moving around.

Plus, it’s got plenty of space for all your plant pots – 8 shelves with 12" of width each! And don’t worry about those harsher winter temperatures – we’ve also added two windows and a roll-up zipper door that provides plenty of ventilation to help create ideal levels of heat and humidity for keeping your plants growing healthily and extending their usual growing season.

At 32"x56"x76", there’s more than enough room to place tall plants or move around in to tend to your garden. Start expanding your outdoor gardening today with Scool Value Green Houses for Outdoors!

What Else You Should Know

Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly way to protect your plants and seedlings from the elements? Look no further than our small outdoor greenhouse with a PE cover. Our odorless and non-toxic cover is not only resistant to low temperatures, but also to acid and alkali corrosion.

Plus, it allows for suitable heat to enter while protecting your plants from being burnt like they might with a PVC cover. And the best part? Our greenhouse can be used for several years, making it a worthwhile investment for any gardener. With easy assembly and the ability to be moved easily when needed, our backyard greenhouses can provide your plants with optimal growing conditions in any season.

Purlyu Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors

Best For Mesh Side Windows

:Purlyu Greenhouse For Outdoors

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Why We Like It

Want to bring a little of the outdoors indoors? Purlyu has the perfect product for you! Our Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors offers an all-inclusive solution perfect for growing your favorite flowers and plants in any environment.

Featuring durable iron tubes that are built to last, our greenhouse can take on anything mother nature throws at it. Not only will our patented powder coat paint protect the frame from rust and corrosion, but it'll also ensure your precious plants stay safe no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

But that's not all - we've also incorporated two velcro side windows so you can regulate external airflow without worrying about intruding bugs or pests. Plus, our easy-to-access zipper roll-up door makes peeking inside effortless! This means you don't have to delve too deep if you want to check in on your green babies.

At Purlyu, cultivating green thumbs is priority one! With our Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors, give yourself the gift of a space where nature and nurture come together into one.

What Else You Should Know

For planting enthusiasts, having a greenhouse is a game-changer. This particular greenhouse has three tiers of shelving, which means you can start multiple flats of seedlings or store potted plants during the winter months. The flexibility to care for your precious plants until they are ready for the outside world is a significant advantage.

The cover of the greenhouse is made of PE material that traps heat, creating the perfect environment for your delicate plants to thrive even during inclement weather. Access is easy with the door opening and closing with a zip, and the straps included to tie it out of the way. Overall, this greenhouse provides a haven where your plants can grow and flourish all year round.

EAGLE PEAK Walk-in Greenhouse

Best For Quick Set-Up

Eagle Peak Walkin Greenhouse

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Why We Like It

Welcome to green living, the EAGLE PEAK way! We’re excited to introduce our one-of-a-kind Walk-in Greenhouse. This portable greenhouse offers you the best of both worlds – easy to install and break down so you can move it with the seasons, plus plenty of room for your plants to thrive throughout the year.

Our walk-in greenhouse measures 61” (L) x 28”(W) x 79”(H) and includes four wire shelves on each side – providing ample space as your plants expand and mature. Putting this little garden gem together is super simple, too. All you need is the included instruction sheet and a few minutes of your time. Make sure all tubes are fitted together securely with no gaps and viola – your plants will be in great shape in no time!

So trade in those small window boxes that don't have room for growth and bring home one of our amazing Walk-in Greenhouses from EAGLE PEAK today for the ultimate green living experience!

What Else You Should Know

If you're looking for a greenhouse that's easy to access and ensures better air circulation, the unique design of Eagle Peak's greenhouse is sure to impress. Featuring a zippered roll-up door and two roll-ups screened windows, this greenhouse offers effortless access and improved convection for your plants.

Plus, you can rest assured knowing that Eagle Peak offers a 1-year limited after-sale protection from the original date of purchase, backed by their professional service team. With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Eagle Peak's greenhouse is a smart choice for any plant enthusiast.

KING BIRD Upgraded Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors

Best For Many Shelves

King Bird Walk-in Greenhouse

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Why We Like It

Welcome to the KING BIRD Upgraded Walk-in Greenhouse — a place for your plants to thrive! Our greenhouse combines high-end quality and affordability for green thumbs of all types.

Our upgraded 2 newly-added shelves behind and 12 side shelves can fit more than you bargained for when it comes to keeping those plants cool in every way. The steel wire shelves have increased load-bearing capacity (MAX 46 lbs/shelf), increasing their value beyond reproach.

But we know even the most wonderful design is going nowhere without good materials. That’s why our assembly includes a reinforced 4.7 mil PVC clear cover, added with 6% Anti-UV inhibitor meaning longer life and service after installation. All safe eco-friendly materials are used in this spacious greenhouse, so use it with peace of mind!

The roll-up door also offers optimized heating, ventilation, and natural cooling controlled by airflow just as easily as the 3 mesh windows. Whether you plan on stocking up on veggies or finally tending your old house plants, why not embrace the joy of gardening without having to grow a garden this time? Add the KING BIRD Upgraded Walk-in Greenhouse to your cart today!

What Else You Should Know

The greenhouse is composed of high-hardness connectors and a durable steel frame, easy to set up and stable. The hot house can be used for seedlings, herbs, vegetables, flowers etc outdoors or indoors, without suffering direct sunlight when you are at work.

KING BIRD always values customers' experience. All KING BIRD greenhouse kits are provided with a 1-year warranty or more. Feel free to contact KING BIRD Team when you need help.


1. What is an outdoor greenhouse?

An outdoor greenhouse is a structure designed to provide a controlled environment for growing plants outdoors. It allows gardeners to extend their growing season by protecting plants from frost and cold temperatures.

2. What materials are used to build greenhouse kits?

Outdoor greenhouse kits can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, PVC, and glass. The choice of material depends on factors such as cost, durability, and the gardener's preferences.

3. Do I need a permit to build an outdoor greenhouse?

In some areas, a building permit may be required for constructing an outdoor greenhouse. Check with your local government to determine if a permit is needed.

4. How do I heat an outdoor greenhouse?

Several options are available for heating an outdoor greenhouse, including electric heaters, propane heaters, and radiant heating systems. The choice of heating method depends on factors such as the size of the greenhouse and the gardener's budget.

5. Can I grow vegetables in an outdoor greenhouse?

Yes, an outdoor greenhouse is an excellent place to grow vegetables. It provides a controlled environment that protects plants from pests and diseases while extending the growing season.  You can add uv lights and raised beds to your greenhouse.

6. How do I water plants in an outdoor greenhouse?

Plants in outdoor greenhouses can be watered manually or with an automated drip irrigation system. The choice of watering method depends on factors such as the size of the greenhouse and the gardener's preferences.

7. What types of plants can be grown in an outdoor greenhouse?

Almost any type of plant can be grown in an outdoor greenhouse, including flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. The controlled environment provided by the greenhouse allows gardeners to grow plants that may not thrive in their local climate.

8. How do I control humidity in an outdoor greenhouse?

Humidity can be controlled in an outdoor greenhouse by using a dehumidifier or by providing adequate ventilation. A fan or ventilation system can be used to circulate air and prevent the buildup of moisture.

9. Do I need to fertilize plants in an outdoor greenhouse?

Yes, plants in outdoor greenhouses still need to be fertilized regularly. Gardeners can use organic or synthetic fertilizers according to their preferences.

10. How do I protect plants in an outdoor greenhouse from pests and diseases?

Pests and diseases can be prevented or controlled in an outdoor greenhouse by maintaining good hygiene, using natural pest control methods, and applying pesticides or fungicides when necessary. Regular inspections of plants can also help detect and address issues before they become serious.


In conclusion, outdoor greenhouses can be a fantastic addition to any gardening enthusiast's backyard. They provide a controlled environment for your plants, protect them from pests and harsh weather conditions, and allow you to extend your growing season.

With the right planning and maintenance, an outdoor greenhouse can bring joy and abundance to your gardening efforts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, consider investing in your own greenhouse or greenhouse kit and watch your garden thrive!