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From Kindie to Cool: Must-Have Back-to-School Supplies for the Kids!

Getting ready for another school year can be a huge hassle. Trying to find the right quality supplies within budget is tricky and time-consuming!
From Kindie to Cool: Must-Have Back-to-School Supplies for the Kids!

It’s back-to-school season!

Get all the supplies you need for kindergarten to grade 5 – from pencils and pens, crayons, markers, notebooks, glue sticks and scissors. We have it all and more so your child will be well-equipped for the start of a new year.

Having the right supplies can make learning easier and help them stay organized throughout the year. With our wide range of products at great prices, they’ll be ready to rock this next school year.

Shop now for the best back to school supplies for grades K-5!

How We Choose The Best

Getting ready for another school year can be a huge hassle. Trying to find the right quality supplies within budget is tricky and time-consuming.

With all pressures of juggling work, family commitments and other errands, parents don't have time to go from store to store sourcing the best supplies that fit kids' needs.

Let these back to school supply kits take the hassle away! Shop in one place and get everything you need for your children's educational success this academic year - kindergarten through grade 5 - without blowing your budget.

We read through thousands of Amazon reviews to find the best back to school supplies for kindergarten to grade 5. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

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Back to School Supply Box Grades K-5

Best For 32 Pieces

Back to School Supply Box Grades K-5

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Why We Like It

Bring a little ease to the back to school season with our School Supply Box Grades K-5! This supply kit contains everything an elementary student needs for a successful school year. Let's break it down - you get (1) plastic pencil box, (1) 10pk of Crayola Markers, (1) 24pk of Crayola Crayons, (1) 12pk of colored pencils, and (3) Elmer's glue sticks. Additionally, the school supply box includes (10) #2 pencils, (5) pencil top erasers, (1) rubber eraser, (1) pencil sharpener, (1) pair of blunt tip scissors, (2) pencil grips, (1) standard 12 inch ruler, (1) wide-rule spiral notebook, (1) wide ruled composition book, and (2) 2-pocket folder with metal prongs.

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or heading off to fifth grade, they'll be ready for the new school year with all the supplies they need. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about running around to various stores to get everything on the long list of supplies!  We know the back to school season can get stressful, so let us help out with a friendly School Supply Box.

What Else You Should Know

Whether your child is a budding artist or simply needs basic supplies for school projects, this school supply box has everything they could need. From crayons and markers to colored pencils and glue, this kit is packed with tools that will help your young learner create whatever they imagine.

But it's not just limited to art projects! They can use these supplies for map projects, assignments, coloring pages or books, and even making holiday decorations. And while it's great for students in grades K-5, it's also a fantastic gift for teachers, substitutes, counselors, and even homeschooled children. With so many uses and a wide range of supplies, this kit is sure to be a hit for any young artist or learner.

Mega Back to School Supply Kit Bundle - Over 90+ Items for All Grades - Wide Ruled

Best For 90 Pieces

Mega Back to School Supply Kit Bundle 

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Why We Like It

Welcome back to school with the ultimate convenience of this Mega Back to School Supply Kit Bundle! Get all the essential supplies you need to start the school year off right in a variety of colors and brands, ranging from trusted favorites to unique finds. From notebooks to pens and pencils, we've got you covered for all your academic needs!

Each bundle comes with a wide variety of school essentials, including notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, erasers, glue sticks, and scissors. You'll also find map colors, rulers, sharpeners, highlighters, and dry-erase markers. Not to mention, the convenience of knowing you have these supplies on hand without the hassle of making multiple trips to the store. Plus, make sure you're following all safety protocols with face masks and hand sanitizer included in every bundle.

Shop smarter - and faster - with the Mega Back to School Supply Kit Bundle! It's all you need for a successful and stress-free school year. Back to school shopping has never been so easy! So, don't wait - grab your school supplies and get ready for a great year ahead!

What Else You Should Know

Getting ready for the new school year can be a daunting task, but with this wide ruled back to school bundle, the process is made a whole lot easier. This bundle includes top-quality brand name supplies that students can rely on to get them through the school year. With trusted names like Crayola, Elmer's, Dixon Ticonderoga, Fiskars, PaperMate, and Sharpie, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best.

Whether you're a student, teacher or just someone looking to get organized for the upcoming school year, this bundle has everything you need to tackle any task. Say goodbye to the stress of back-to-school shopping and hello to quality and convenience with this amazing bundle.

Crayola Back To School Supplies

Best For 80 Pieces

Crayola Back To School Supply Set

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Why We Like It

Welcome back to school! The Crayola Back To School Supply Set is here to get you excited for the school year ahead! Whether you’re starting kindergartner or heading into your senior year, this set of supplies has all you need for artsy projects, classwork, and creative minds.

The set includes two 24ct Crayons so your kiddo can draw vibrant pictures and get creative. Get them going with 10 Ultra Clean Washable Broad Line Markers to emphasize its finest details. Let their imagination flow with 12 Colored Pencils and 10 Ultra Clean Washable Fine Line Markers.

These markers are perfect because they’re easy to clean! No more worry about marker stains — Crayolas’ Ultra Clean markers can be easily washed from skin and most washable clothing. Plus, they come with vibrant colors that bring excitement toevery activity.

So join us in welcoming back to school with the set of Crayola Back to School Supplies for a school year full of art and creativity like never before! We know your kiddos can’t wait to start having fun.

What Else You Should Know

Getting ready to go back to school can be overwhelming, but with Crayola essentials on your supply list, you can tick one task off your to-do list. Whether you're in the mood for coloring, sketching, or simply doodling, you can count on Crayola colored pencils to help you unleash your creativity.

With sharpened tips that are ready for use straight out of the box, you can get started on your project right away. Whether you're a budding artist or simply enjoy the act of coloring, stock up on these colored pencils and let your imagination run wild.

Crayola Twistables Colored Pencil Set

Best For 50 Pieces

Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils

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Why We Like It

Welcome to the world of color with Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils! With 50 vibrant colors, this set is perfect for artists of all ages. Whether you are a budding artist or just looking for an inexpensive way to bring some color into your life, Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils are your key to creative expression.

These twistable colored pencils are made to last - each one features a strong, plastic barrel that ensures the colored core is never damaged for more and more colorful ideas. And with no need for sharpening or peeling, you're one twist away from your next masterpiece!

With Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils, it's easy to take your art or drawing skills from good to great. And each one is only available on Amazon, so get yours now for a surprise every twist. Let your imagination take flight and soar with Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils!

What Else You Should Know

Are you looking for a versatile colored pencil set? Look no further than Twistable Colored Pencils! These colorful writing and drawing tools are perfect for all sorts of creative projects, whether it's coloring in a book, creating your next art masterpiece, or crafting something special.

With over 50 vibrant colors to choose from, your options are limitless. These pencils also make a fantastic gift for any young artist. Plus, parents can rest easy knowing that they are safe and non-toxic, making them appropriate for children aged 4 and up. Get ready to start

ARTEZA HB Pencils #2

Best For Wood-Cased Graphite Pencils

ARTEZA HB Pencils #2

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Why We Like It

Introducing ARTEZA HB Pencils #2, the perfect go-to for your office or classroom supplies. The set of 48 pencils is certified nontoxic and is safe for all ages to use. The special satin matte coating ensures that each pencil provides a comfortable grip when you’re writing, doodling, or just using them for general use.

Our polymeric-bonded lead is break-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sharpening them for hours on end. What’s more, the hard lead won’t smear, won’t smudge, and will work on both scantron tests and rough drafts alike.

If you’re looking for high-quality pencils that won’t let you down and provide the powerful precision you need, ARTEZA HB Pencils #2 is for you. They’re hexagonal, taking the perfect comfortable shape in your hand, so you can keep writing and getting a feel for what a great pencil should be. Buy now to experience the best writing experience you’ve ever had!

What Else You Should Know

At Arteza, we have a deep appreciation for the artistic process. We believe that creativity in any form is a powerful way to connect with the world around us. That's why we have created a line of art supplies that are designed and crafted by artists who know what it takes to create something truly special. But it doesn't stop there.

We are also proud to offer a wide selection of office supplies to help you stay organized and focused, whether you work from home or teach at a school. From colorful pens and pencils to stylish desk accessories, we have everything you need to prepare for your next project or presentation. At Arteza, we are dedicated to inspiring creativity and productivity in all aspects of life.


1. What basic school supplies will my child need?

Your child will typically need items like pencils, crayons, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, and a pencil case.

2. How many notebooks should I buy for my child?

It's usually recommended to have at least one notebook per subject or activity, so the number may vary depending on the grade level.

3. Are there any specific calculators required for elementary school?

In most cases, basic calculators are sufficient for elementary school. Check with your child's school or teacher for any specific requirements.

4. Are there any specific types of backpacks suitable for young children?

Look for backpacks that are lightweight, adjustable, and have padded shoulder straps. It's also helpful to choose a backpack with multiple compartments for easy organization.

5. Do I need to buy art supplies for my child?

Yes, art supplies such as colored pencils, markers, watercolor paints, and sketchbooks are often required for art classes or creative activities.

6. Are there any specific types of lunch boxes recommended?

ALook for lunch boxes that are insulated, easy to clean, and have separate compartments to keep food items organized.

7. Should I label all of my child's school supplies?

It's a good idea to label your child's belongings, including school supplies, to prevent them from getting lost or mixed up with others.

8. Can I reuse school supplies from the previous year?

Yes, if the supplies are still in good condition and meet the requirements for the upcoming year, you can definitely reuse them to save money.

9. Where can I find a comprehensive list of required school supplies?

Your child's school or teacher will usually provide a list of required supplies before the start of the school year. You can also check the school's website or contact the administration for this information.

10. When is the best time to purchase back-to-school supplies?

It's recommended to start shopping for school supplies a few weeks before the new school year begins. This allows you to take advantage of any sales or discounts and ensures you have everything well in advance.

Please note that specific requirements may vary depending on the school or district, so it's always best to consult with your child's school or teacher for the most accurate information.


As the new school year begins, take some time to check your list and make sure you have all the necessary supplies for a successful year. With so many options for back to school supplies, even the littlest learners can experience the exciting feeling of getting ready for school. Make sure you are buying quality products that will last throughout the school year.

Parents, don’t forget to also invest in backpacks made with heavy-duty fabric and zippers, as those should be able to withstand hours of wear and tear! In the end, remember that preparing for a new school year doesn't need to be difficult or stressful—it can actually be fun! So get out there and pick up those pens and folders — it's time for everyone to get learning!