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Fresh Clean Dogs

Which dog shampoo is the best? Find out which brands are rated the highest by pet owners on Amazon.com in this helpful guide.
Fresh Clean Dogs

Looking for the best dog shampoos? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best dog shampoos on the market and how to use them properly. Whether your dog has normal skin, itchy skin, sensitive skin or irritated skin we will help you select the right one for you.  Keep your pooch clean and happy with one of these top-rated shampoos!

How We Select The Best

We have personally read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best dog shampoos. We have chosen ones that use natural ingredients, leave your dog with a pleasant scent and have deodorizing capabilities.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

4-Legger Calm Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Best For Itchy or Sensitive Skin

4Legger Certified Organic

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Why We Like It

This natural and hypoallergenic dog shampoo contains aloe and lemongrass for smoothing dogs with normal, dry, itchy or allergy-sensitive skin. It is made with pure, all-natural USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced, responsibly harvested and mixed by hand.

What Else You Should Know

They don’t use any artificial thickeners in their dog shampoos so it is naturally thinner and more concentrated. To get more lather you just need to add more water.

Wahl 4-in-1 Calming Pet Shampoo

Best For Shed Conditioning

WAHL Shed Control

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Why We Like It

This lavender chamomile dog shampoo is pH balanced, alcohol-free, paraben free, PEG-80 free and is highly recommended for cleaning, conditioning, detangling and moisturizing short to long coats. The thick lather rinses off clean and keeps your dog looking and smelling clean.

What Else You Should Know

Their plant-derived ingredients make their dog shampoo the choice for owners who want to avoid harsh chemicals for their dog and themselves. Wahl has a higher concentrate of coconut-derived sodding agent, which means you don’t have to use as much as other dog shampoos. A little bit of this dog shampoo goes a long way and provides a rich lather that’s easy to rinse off.

Honest Paws 5-in-1 Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner

Best for Deodorizing

Honest Paws 5-in-1

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Why We Like It

This dog shampoo cleans, deodorizes, conditions and detangles coat, and moisturizes the skin. It is a one-step and easy-to-use premium dog shampoo. It is all you need to keep your dog’s fur and skin soft, moisturized and clean. It is dye-free, and it does not contain MEA, DEA, sulphates, or parabens.

What Else You Should Know

It's important to use natural ingredients on your dog for a number of reasons. First, dogs have sensitive skin, so using harsh chemicals can cause irritation like itchy skin or  make them have sensitive skin. Second, natural ingredients are more gentle and won't strip away the natural oils that help to keep your dog's skin and coat healthy. Finally, using natural ingredients is better for the environment since they don't contain harmful synthetic chemicals.

That's why Honest Paws has 98.25% of its ingredients derived from a natural source. This eco-friendly formula uses the hydrating properties of soothing oats and aloe vera to replenish the skin's natural moisture while conditioning the fur. It prevents matting and irritation, leaving your dog's coat looking and feeling its best and the dog's skin moisturized.

Bodhi Dog Organic Lavender Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Best Value for Soothing Dry, Itchy Skin

BODHI DOG Premium Dog Shampoo

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Why We Like It

Their all-plant botanical-based moisturizing dog shampoo contains high-quality natural ingredients that include oat proteins, aloe vera, coconut, vitamins A, D & E and fruit extracts to provide instant cooling and calming relief to inflamed, damaged skin. Our gentle oatmeal and baking soda shampoo soothes irritated skin and helps to relieve itching and scratching while leaving your dog fresh and clean while also moisturizing the dog's skin and creating a silky and conditioned coat.

What Else You Should Know

At Bodhi Dog, we make sure the dog shampoos we create are safe for your furry friends. This means there is no exposure to harmful or toxic chemicals in this dog shampoo so your pet care, bathing, grooming, and training needs can be easy and stress free for you and your entire family.

These dog shampoo products and packaging use the most ecologically friendly methods available. Bodhi Dog shampoo products are conscientious and socially responsible dog owner's choice.  Winner of the 2020 Family Choice Awards. A consumer award program recognizing outstanding pet products while enriching the lives of our fur friends.

Nature's Specialties Plum Silky Dog Shampoo Conditioner Concentrate for Pets

Best For Long Lasting Fragrance

Nature's Speciality Plum Sky

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Why We Like It

You will love this mild concentrated conditioning dog shampoo for its capabilities to clean and add texture while leaving a wonderful lasting fragrance for days. Silk proteins, a  long lasting fragrance make it one of our favorites. This texturizing shampoo adds highlights and body to your dogs fur.  It also adds moisture, removes static and revitalizes your dog's coat. Great for drop coat breeds like Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and Papillons.

What Else You Should Know

A Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Blend in a Proprietary Mild Shampoo Base, Aloe Vera, Silk Proteins, Panthenol, Vitamins A, D, E, Essential Oils, Light Fragrance and pH Balanced. Apply direct or dilute with warm water as desired. Massage shampoo into the coat from head to tail, rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed.

Their dog shampoos are recognized in the Grooming industry as premium products for dogs and cats and are used by many competitive groomers and pet loving consumers.

The Top Five Ingredients That Should Not Be In A Dog Shampoo

The following are the five most important ingredients to look for when determining whether or not a product is natural, safe and toxic-free. If any one these enter into your dog's body they can cause problems with their sensitive skin!

1.  Proprietary blend of coat and skin conditioners and moisturizers.

This is often found on dog shampoo labels. If you see this statement, make sure you investigate to find out exactly what is in the blend to determine what is in the bottle.

2.  Beware of the label artificial fragrance.

This can come from hundreds of different  ingredients and none of them have to be listed on the label. Some artificial fragrances have been linked to cancer, reproductive problems and developmental toxicity.

3.  The finding of “fragrance” on a product label means that pthalates are present.

These gender-specific hormones can cause endocrine system issues, which may lead to health problems in future decades as well even if you're not currently experiencing symptoms from your environment today!

4. Artificial colors

are synthesized from petroleum and linked with organ damage, cancer risks in workers who produce them as well as birth defects. These “artificial” substances also cause allergic reactions which can be avoided by choosing natural alternatives instead!

5. Formaldehyde

is a chemical used to preserve products, but it can cause cancer in high doses. To avoid this risk of exposure you might be surprised by what's actually on your shelf!  It’s not always easy knowing where all those chemicals come from- especially when they're hiding under someone else's name tag as “formalLead."

To help you determine the best dog shampoos, consider the following conditions

Skin condition

The skin is the largest organ of your dog's body. It provides a protective barrier against the environment, regulates temperature, and gives your dog its sense of touch. Depending on the species and age, the skin may be 12 to 24% of a dog's body weight

Any dog owner knows that a healthy coat is key to a happy pup. But when your furry friend starts to scratch incessantly or their fur becomes dry and brittle, it may be time to switch up their dog shampoo. Moisturizing shampoos are designed to revive lackluster locks and soothe irritated skin.

When choosing a product, steer clear of anything with harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, which can aggravate existing skin conditions. Look instead for natural ingredients like oatmeal, honey, and vitamin E. If your dog’s symptoms persist, be sure to consult with your veterinarian about medicated shampoo and additional treatment options. In the meantime, regular baths with a moisturizing shampoo will help keep your pup looking and feeling their best.

Fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance- they can also transmit serious diseases. Fortunately, there are a variety of products on the market that can help to keep these parasites at bay. Flea and tick shampoo is one option, but it’s important to remember that this type of shampoo only offers short-term protection.

For the best possible protection, use flea and tick shampoo in combination with other flea and tick prevention measures such as collar sprays, spot-on treatments, and even natural remedies like essential oils. By taking a multi-pronged approach, you can help to ensure that your furry friend stays healthy and parasite-free.


If you've ever been to a pet store, you know that there are a lot of different dog shampoos to choose from. How do you know which one is right for your pup? One important factor to consider is the age of your dog. Puppies have sensitive skin, so it's important to choose a shampoo that is designed for their needs. Look for a shampoo that is hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals.

Older dogs may benefit from a shampoo with anti-inflammatory properties to help with any joint pain they may be experiencing. And if your dog has any specific skin conditions, such as allergies or dryness, there are shampoos available that can help to soothe and treat those issues. So, next time you're at the pet store, be sure to choose the right shampoo for your furry friend by considering their age and any special needs they may have.


As any dog owner knows, our furry friends have a way of getting into things they shouldn't. Whether it's raided the garbage can, rolled in something stinky, or just gotten themselves a little too dirty, there are times when our dogs need a little extra help to get clean. That's where deodorizing dog shampoos comes in.  Unlike regular dog shampoo, which simply cleans the surface of the fur, deodorizing shampoo actually eliminates odors at the source.

As a result, it's perfect for those particularly stinky situations. In addition, deodorizing shampoo is also great for dogs with sensitive skin, as it's designed to be gentle and non-irritating. So next time your dog gets into something smelly, reach for the deodorizing dog shampoo and give them a good scrub. Your nose (and your dog) will thank you for it.


Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that a healthy coat is one of the surest signs of a happy, well-cared-for dog. A glossy coat not only looks great, but it also helps to protect your dog from the elements and keep their skin healthy. Unfortunately, poor diet or failing health can sometimes lead to a dull, lusterless coat.

Luckily, there are a number of shampoos on the market that are specifically designed to nourish and revitalize your dog’s coat. These shampoos usually contain a blend of minerals, vitamins, and proteins that can help to restore healthy shine and bounce. In most cases, a single treatment is all it takes to get your dog’s coat looking great again and relieve dry and itchy skin.

What Are Some Common Skin Problems In Dogs

Dogs are prone to a variety of skin problems, many of which are caused by allergies or infections. Allergic dermatitis, also known as atopy, is a common condition that results in itchiness, hair loss, and inflamed skin. Staph infections are another type of skin infection that can cause similar symptoms.

Yeast infections, ear mites, and flea infestations are also relatively common in dogs. Sarcoptic mange is a less common but more serious condition that causes intense itching and hair loss. Demodex mange is another skin condition that can cause hair loss and inflamed skin. If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to take them to the vet for treatment.

FAQ Dog Questions

1.   What is the best dog shampoo to use?

A lot of dog owners ask what is the best dog shampoo and the answer honestly depends on your dog's individual needs. Some dogs may have sensitive skin and need a hypoallergenic or oatmeal-based shampoo, while others may require something stronger to combat fleas or dry skin.

Ultimately, it's important to consult with your veterinarian to see what they recommend  help you decide on the best dog shampoo based on your dog's individual medical history and needs.

2.   What is the healthiest shampoo for dogs?

The healthiest dog shampoo is one that contains natural ingredients and     doesn't strip the coat of its natural oils. A good dog shampoo will also be gentle on the skin and won't cause irritation.

Some of the best dog shampoos contain ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, and even coconut oil. These can all help to soothe the skin and make the coat shiny and healthy. Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or other harsh irritants.

3.   What do groomers use to wash dogs?

Grooming shampoo! It's specifically formulated to cleanse skin and coats of all types of dirt, oils, and debris without drying out the skin or stripping away the coat's natural oils. Some groomers also use a degreasing dog shampoo if the dog has a lot of built-up oil on their coat.

4.   What is the best shampoo for smelly dogs?

The best dog shampoo for smelly dogs is one that contains tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer that can help to get rid of the smell caused by bacteria on the dog's skin.

It is also important to make sure that the dog's diet is high in fiber, as this will help to keep their digestive system healthy and reduce the amount of gas that is released through the dog's skin, which can also cause odor.

5.  How often should my dog be bathed?

The frequency of bathes for a dog depends on various factors such as the dog's coat type, activity level, and dog's skin condition. Bathing your dog too much can lead to dog's skin problems such as dryness, redness, itchy skin or sensitive skin.

Also, over bathing can strip the natural oils from your dog's coat which can lead to a dulling of the coat or an increase in shedding. On the other hand, not bathing your dog enough can lead to an buildup of dirt, debris, and sweat which can irritate your dog's skin and cause an odor.

The best way to know how often to bathe your individual dog is to consult with your Veterinarian or professional groomer. They will be able to help you find the best dog shampoo for your dog.

6.   What shampoo do Petsmart groomers use?

Petsmart groomers typically use a  dog shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs. This type of dog shampoo is usually gentle enough to not cause any irritation or skin problems. It is also important to use a dog shampoo that will not strip the coat of its natural oils. Many dog shampoos also have conditioners built in to help keep the coat healthy and shiny.

7.   Can I use Dawn dish soap to wash my dog?

Dawn dish soap is a degreaser and it will strip the natural oils from your dog's coat and skin. It can also be harmful if it gets in your dog's eyes. There are many safe and effective dog shampoos on the market, so I suggest you use one of those instead.

8.   What can I use as a substitute for dog shampoo?

While you could technically use any type of dog shampoo on your dog, it is best to find a shampoo specifically designed for them. This is because dog's skin is different than ours and can be more sensitive.

If you use a human shampoo, it may end up stripping away too much oil from their coat and skin, leaving them susceptible to infection or irritation. There are a variety of shampoos that are made specifically for dogs that you can find at your local pet store. You can also ask the staff there for help in finding the right one for your dog's individual needs.

9.   How can I make my dog smell good all of the time?

There are a few things you can do to make sure your dog smells good all the time! First, you'll want to give them regular baths - at least once a month. You can use a mild dog shampoo, and make sure to rinse them off well.

You'll also want to brush their fur regularly - this will help get rid of any dirt or debris that could be causing them to smell bad. In between baths, you can use a pet-safe wipes or spray to keep them smelling fresh. And finally, make sure they're getting plenty of exercise - this will help work up a sweat and get rid of any funky smells!

10. What makes my dog smell so good after the groomers?

The main reason your dog smells so good after the groomers is because they use high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner. Groomers also spend a lot of time brushing and drying your dog's coat, which helps to distribute the natural oils from their skin and fur. This gives them a healthy shine and makes them smell great!


So, what is the best shampoo for dogs? Any of the shampoos we’ve listed above will do a great job of cleaning your pup and keeping them healthy and happy. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you’re using the best dog shampoo product for your furry friend, it can never hurt to ask your veterinarian for their recommendation.

They will know your dog’s individual needs and can help you find the best dog shampoo that works perfectly for them. Thanks for reading!