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Best Invisible Dog Fences | Friendly, Effective Solutions for Pets

Invisible dog fences are the perfect solution for keeping your pet safe and secure in your yard!
Best Invisible Dog Fences  | Friendly, Effective Solutions for Pets

Worried about your dog getting out and running away?

An invisible dog fence is the perfect solution to keeping your furry friend safe and close to home. These invisible dog fences are designed to create a designated area for your pet, keeping them within bounds and out of harm's way.

You'll never have to worry about losing your dog again - with the best invisible dog fence, they can roam and play safely in your yard. Plus, the fences are easy to install so you can be up and running in no time at all. Your pet will love you for it!

Purchase an invisible dog fence or wireless dog fence today!

How We Choose The Best

Every year, millions of dogs are lost or stolen.

That's a scary thought. What if your dog gets lost while you're out running errands? Or worse, what if someone steals your dog?

An invisible dog fence is the perfect solution to keep your furry friend safe and sound at home. These invisible dog fences are designed to keep your pet within the boundaries of your property, without having to install a physical fence.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best invisible dog fences for you. We only selected invisible dog fence products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

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PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

Best For Covering Up To 1/2 Acre

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for an innovative, convenient way to keep your dog safe in your yard? The PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence is an excellent solution that can cover up to 1/2 acres without any digging or wire burying and create a secure barrier.

In addition, the fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if the pet passes the boundary. And this wireless dog fence even has portable capabilities, so you can take it anywhere with access to an outlet - great for camping or vacation homes!

With no wires to bury and easy setup in just a few hours, you will have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe with this wireless dog fence that will keep him secure with the PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence. Enjoy hassle-free outdoor fun and get your wireless dog fence today!

What Else You Should Know

The PetSafe Waterproof Collar provides pet owners with peace of mind that their pets are safe, secure, and comfortable. It is easy to adjust, fitting neck sizes six to 28 inches by adjusting the dog's collar’s circumference and comfortably fitting small, medium and large pets.

Furthermore, its battery life is impressive - lasting two months on a single charge before low battery alerts alert you to replace it. To top it off, you can personalize your dog’s collar with five adjustable correction levels and a tone-only mode for easy training.

Additionally, it is compatible with all PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence transmitters for maximum convenience. The PetSafe Waterproof Collar makes keeping your pet safe an easier task than ever before!

Underground Electric Dog Fence Premium

Best For Up To 6 Acres

eXtreme Dog Fence Standard Grade

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Why We Like It

Are you looking for a reliable and supportive boundary to keep your furry companion safe within your property? A boundary that can provide long-term security from the elements and his curious nature?

Look no further than our 2nd Generation eXtreme Dog Fence STANDARD GRADE Kit! This extreme dog fence kit covers an area of up to 6 acres, allowing for plenty of room for your furry friend to run around and explore.

Our well-designed updated electronics are perfectly compatible with a variety of new collar options for different sized dogs. The professional grade electric dog fence also features three antennas, 12x battery checks, 20 gauge high tensile boundary wires with heavy protective jackets, digital transmitters, collar receivers with battery and training flags.

Its impressive waterproof design allows you to submerge the collar receiver deep under the water; up to 10 feet deep! Enjoy those summer days playing in the pool or lake without worrying about the safety of your pet.

The advanced technology featured in the eXtreme Dog Fence is easy-to-install, offering optimal protection with minimized effort. Thanks to our reliable system you can rest easy knowing your best buddy is safe on the grounds of your home. Invest in quality protection today and get back your peace of mind with our amazing underground electric dog fence kit!

What Else You Should Know

When shopping for an underground dog fence, the commitment to quality and reliability is key. This electric dog fence has been manufactured in the USA for 25+ years and comes with a 1-year warranty that can be extended to 5 years when you register your fence.

Furthermore, customer support is available every step of the way, from setup through training and troubleshooting any issues. With this stellar reputation for performance and support, this electric dog fence is sure to contain your pup safely and reliably.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence for Dogs

Best For Up To 1/3 Acre

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence

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Why We Like It

Keeping your pet safe without compromising on the fun has just gotten easier with the PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence! This invisible dog fence system is perfect for persistent pups and even those with hearing impairments.

You can set a play area of up to 1/3 acre for a weekend of DIY installation and customization, which means no matter what shape or size your yard is, you can create a fence that fits it.

The receiver collar also comes with 4 levels of static correction as well as a tone plus vibration mode to alert your pup when he's exiting his boundary area. With the included 500 feet of wire and the option to purchase additional wire for larger yards, turning your home into a safe playground has never been simpler!

So get creative and enjoy peace of mind knowing your best friend will be secure with the PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence.

What Else You Should Know

The Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar from PetSafe is the perfect solution for dog owners of medium to large-sized dogs looking for a safe and secure outdoor containment system. This collar is waterproof, adjustable and comfortable.

Additionally, it is compatible with other PetSafe In-Ground Fence receiver dog's collar (except YardMax models), meaning dog owners are able to purchase different style collars and protect multiple dogs at the same time. Keep your dog inside a safe area while they explore the outdoors!

Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate

Best For Up To 10 Acres

Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate

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Why We Like It

The Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate is an excellent choice for keeping your dog safe and secure in any outdoor area. This electric dog fence is the premier 2nd Generation eXtreme Dog Fence PRO GRADE KIT covers up to 10 acres of land with ease, with updated electronics featuring three antennas, a built-in battery check, temperature check, and wire check.

With the robust boundary wire, 16 gauge twisted wire and digital transmitter included, you can take comfort in knowing that nothing will slip through the cracks.

In addition to being suitable for multiple acreage of land, the collar receiver is COMPLETELY waterproof - so your pup can go for a swim without worry!

And, with the included training flags and splice kits, you have everything you need for setup. Get safety and peace of mind when using this Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate!

What Else You Should Know

If you are looking for an underground invisible fence system or the peace of mind that comes with a reliable wireless pet containment system, look no further.

This fence has been providing owners and their dogs with reliable and effective pet containment solutions for more than 25 years and has earned itself a stellar reputation as one of the top dog fences on the market.

With a full 1 year warranty available upon purchase, registering your fence extends that warranty to a massive 10 years – giving you complete protection of your investment.

What’s more, these electric dog fences have all been proudly manufactured in the USA and we have a helpful team ready to assist with setup, training and troubleshooting any issues you may have down the line.

JUSTPET GPS Wireless Dog Fence Pet Containment System, Electric GPS Wireless Dog Fence with Rechargeable Training Collar, Range Up to 3281 FT, Harmless and Suitable for All Dogs

Best For Up To 776 Acres

JUSTPET GPS Wireless Dog Fence System

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Why We Like It

Hey, dog owner! Is your pup’s curiosity getting the best of him? Are you worried he’ll wander off and get into a spot of mischief while you’re not looking? With the JUSTPET GPS Wireless Dog Fence system, you can easily fence in your furball without having to spend hours building a traditional fence.

This revolutionary product uses GPS positioning technology to offer an ultra-stable experience that won't be interfered with by external objects like metal or electronics. This means it tracks your pup more accurately than regular wireless dog fences, so rest assured that Buster won't wander too far from home.

The system also comes with three alarm methods - sound, vibration, and electric shock - to ensure Buster is alert and stays within the boundaries you set for him. When he steps out of range, these stimuli will ‘pup-mind’ him back home, so you don’t run behind him every five minutes!

Saying goodbye to overwhelming feelings of stress has never been this easy - invest in the JUSTPET GPS Wireless Dog Fence today to make sure Buster only gets up to bork-approved adventures.

What Else You Should Know

A GPS wireless dog fence is the perfect solution for dog owners who want to keep their pet safe while giving them some extra freedom. Not only do you not have to worry about purchasing additional cables and transmitters like with a traditional wired fence, but you can set up the boundary on the dog's collar in minutes and be ready to go.

This system is also very small and lightweight, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go. It features a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can last up to 15 hours when fully charged, and its waterproof performance of IP67 ensures that it will perform without issues in all weather conditions - even if your pup likes to get wet!

Just keep in mind that this type of fence is ideal for open fields or farms but may not be suitable for places with lots of trees or other obstacles.

Best Invisible Dog Fence FAQ’s

1.Which type of invisible dog fence is best?

When it comes to choosing the best type of invisible fence, you need to consider several factors. First and foremost, you want a system that is reliable and effective in containing your pets without any risk of harm.

One option is an underground electronic pet containment system. These systems work by creating an underground boundary line with a wire boundary that emits a radio frequency field around the area where pets are not allowed to cross safely.

An adjustable collar worn by the pet detects the signal and delivers a warning sound or static correction if they attempt to pass through this area unwantedly.

This type of system is particularly effective since there are no physical features left aboveground afterwards; all of them are installed beneath the surface for maximum discretion and protection from potential hazards like weather conditions or accidents caused by other animals/people.

Another popular choice for an invisible fence is wireless fencing technology designed with portability in mind—especially useful for pet owners who travel frequently or just don't have room for physical fencing options when on vacation.

Wireless fences come with transmitters equipped with variable range control settings so you can adjust how far away from your home base your pet may roam before receiving corrective signals from their bounding collar should they cross beyond its perimeter boundaries.

They require minimal setup time due to its lack of wires involved, making them ideal choices if you prefer ease-of-use as well as flexibility when setting up containment areas at varying points in space and time such as camping trips or temporary moves elsewhere (ease-of-use notwithstanding).

Despite these advantages however, some users report having difficulty managing reliable connection coverage necessary to maintain Animal Psychology's standards regarding both safety & security criteria while using these types of appliances

Meaning handier applications may be available out there depending on certain circumstances like environment & cost requirements pertinent only towards individual circumstances at hand .

To sum things up - whether it’s underground wire systems or wireless models, there’s no one type that fits every individual scenario; it all depends on your specific needs & purposes regarding keeping pets safe inside their perimeter.

Things such as budget allotment & size restrictions can greatly influence which brand/type would be most suitable towards satisfying personal requirements best applicable towards each respective situation at large!

2.How much is the best invisible fence for dogs?

The best invisible fence for dogs is an investment that provides a safe and secure way for you to keep your pet contained in the designated area of your property. The cost of these fences can vary depending on the size and features of the system, as well as any installation fees and additional accessories.

The most popular choice when it comes to invisible dog fences are PetSafe systems, which come in both wired and wireless options. A basic wireless model will run between $200-400, depending on its coverage range, which typically covers up to 1/3 acre or more and can be adjusted with boundary flags or an increased strength collar (usually sold separately).

A wired system may cost slightly more upfront due to labor costs associated with burying the wires along your property line but could provide greater flexibility in customization and coverage than a wireless option.

In addition to hardware costs, some other things you need take into consideration include professional installation fees (depending on difficulty level) – typically ranging from $100-$500; battery replacement expenses; additional collars needed if you have multiple pets that require containment.

Training flags used during initial training period; warning signs for visitors about containment field; waterproofing for wire systems running through watery areas such as streams or ponds; plus any regular maintenance based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ultimately, investing in an effective invisible fencing system provides peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is contained safely within their own space without anything detracting from their joy of roaming free within their boundaries - so it will depend on what type suits your needs best both financially but also considering safety aspects!

3.What is a good wireless dog fence?

A wireless dog fence is a great way to keep your dogs safe and secure within their own yard without the use of traditional fencing. These systems are designed to create an invisible boundary that requires no physical barriers, such as wires or fences.

They work by transmitting a radio signal from a central transmitter in the home, which then creates a perimeter around the area. When your pup goes beyond this perimeter, they receive an audio warning sound alerting them to stay back.

Wireless dog fences are ideal for pet owners who want to give their furry friends plenty of outdoor playtime while keeping them safely contained in their own yards. When searching for the best wireless dog fence, it's important to consider reliability, durability, ease of installation and affordability.

A highly recommended wireless fence option is PetSafe's Stay & Play Wireless Fence – which offers nearly double the range at 105 feet in any direction – but only covers up to ¾ acre (or about 350 feet).

The PetSafe Invisible Dog Fence also includes five adjustable levels of correction allowing you adjust it as needed depending on how active or stubborn your pooch might be!

All these options make it easy for pet owners find just what they need for maximum peace of mind knowing their beloved pup is safe and happy no matter where he roams!

4.Is invisible fence worth the money?

When it comes to deciding if an invisible fence is worth the money, you need to consider both the pros and cons. On one hand, an invisible fence can be a great way to keep your pet safely contained in their own backyard without the need for a physical barrier or tall gate.

This can save you money on installation costs and provide more flexibility for your landscape design. Additionally, with no physical barriers, your pet will have more freedom of movement and less risk of injury by running into or climbing over a physical structure.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to an invisible fence that you should consider before making a purchase. Invisible fences rely on electricity passing through wires buried below ground around designated boundaries in order to work effectively.

If those wires become damaged or move out of place due to shifting soil conditions, they may not be as effective at keeping pets within its boundaries as it was initially intended – potentially leading to escape attempts or unwanted destruction outside those limits.

Furthermore, electric shock collars used in conjunction with invisible fences can cause skin irritation and stress on animals.

When Invisible dog fences are used inappropriately it can lead to behavioral issues such as aggression or excessive barking due to distress from repeated shocks being sent by the collar’s receiver unit when crossing certain areas of its boundary lines (or even worse scenarios).

Overall however – when properly installed and maintained – an invisible fence has been proven effective at providing safe containment options for animal owners while offering greater freedom of movement compared with traditional fencing structures; making them well-worth considering depending on individual needs and preferences!

5.Who makes the best electric dog fence?

In terms of quality and value for money, PetSafe is widely considered to be one of the best electric dog fence brands on the market. Their fences are renowned for their longevity and reliability, even in extreme weather conditions. The components used in these systems have also been known to last a significant amount of time without needing repair or replacement.

PetSafe's electric fences come with an impressive array of features that make it easy to customize your containment area. For instance, you can control the size of your boundary zone by adjusting the power level settings – this way you can ensure that your pet stays within a safe perimeter no matter where it goes.

Additionally, many PetSafe models feature rechargeable waterproof collars as well as low-battery alarms so you always know when its time to replace them.

Overall PetSafe  Dog Fences are excellent choices when searching for a reliable brand whose products will provide safety as well as peace-of-mind for years to come!

6.What is the difference between the best Invisible Fence and the best hidden fence?

The terms “Invisible Fence” and “hidden fence” are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different types of pet containment systems.

The best invisible dog fence is an invisible pet containment system that uses radio waves to create a barrier around your yard. It works by sending out a radio signal from the transmitter unit, which is placed in your home near the boundary area, into a special collar worn by your pet.

When the collar reaches the perimeter of its range – marked as an invisible barrier – it will emit audible warning signals to alert your pet that it's reaching the limit and should turn back.

Hidden fence systems work similarly, but instead use underground wiring instead of radio waves. This type of fencing creates a wire loop around the perimeter of the property or designated area and sends underground electrical pulses along that loop every few seconds or so.

When this buried wire is triggered (by either an animal or person), an electronic receiver on their collar gives off static correction, which acts as both an audible and physical reminder for them not to cross over into areas they shouldn't be in.

Both Invisible Dog Fences and hidden fence systems offer effective ways to keep pets within designated boundaries; however each have their own set advantages depending on what you need for you particular situation:

Invisible Dog Fences are typically cheaper than hidden dog fences since there's no need for digging trenches; just place down some flags where you want it installed! Plus, installation takes minimal time compared to other methods including chain link fences

Hidden fences may be more costly upfront due to needing installation equipment like wire cutters etc., but require less maintenance after being set up . Additionally, these types provide better security against animals digging under them because its completely buried beneath ground level .

7.Are wireless or wired Invisible dog fences better?

The type of invisible dog fence you choose will depend on your individual needs as a dog owner. Both wired and wireless invisible dog fences offer advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to analyze each option carefully before making your decision.

Wired Invisible Fences

Wired systems require burying an underground wire that defines the containment area for your pet. This can be relatively simple if you have an area with few slopes or curves, but may be more time consuming if you need to install the wire around complex landscaping elements or hilly terrain.

The advantage of this wired invisible dog fence system is that it’s generally less expensive than its wireless counterpart and works most of the time with no issue.

Also, since these types of systems typically use lower voltages for their shock dog collar corrections, they are considered safer for pets in the event of power outages or other malfunctions.

Wireless Invisible Fences

Wireless systems use a transmitter to create a circular boundary zone instead of using buried wiring. These systems often require less maintenance once installed, but may cost more depending on how large your yard is--the wider-reaching zones cost more money but provide better coverage within certain range limitations.

As long as there are no walls between the transmitter unit and containment area (such as metal siding), these fences tend to work reliably well over long distances without interference from trees or other obstacles.

Thanks to their FM radio frequency signals; however, they do rely heavily on battery life in order to keep operating correctly which could mean extra expenses over time if batteries wear down quickly or need frequent replacements..

In summary, both wired and wireless invisible dog fences offer advantages when it comes to containing stubborn dogs; however, since the best invisible dog fences system has different pros and cons depending on where you live and what type of landscape features it must accommodate.

It's best to take into account all factors before deciding which invisible dog fence system would work best for your environment!

8.How long do invisible fences last?

Invisible fences, also known as underground fencing or electric fencing, are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners looking for an effective and humane way to contain their pets without a physical fence.

The best invisible dog fences work by delivering a mild electrical shock when the dog approaches its boundary. This shock is designed to startle rather than injure the pet, and will eventually train the pet not to go beyond certain boundaries.

When it comes to how long an invisible dog fence will last, there's no exact answer - much of it depends on factors like climate conditions, maintenance and size of area covered. Generally speaking though, most invisible and wireless dog fences have a lifespan of anywhere from five years up to fifteen years with proper maintenance.

Regular maintenance is key for ensuring your wireless dog fence system lasts as long as possible. You should inspect your wireless dog fence system at least once every six months in order to ensure that all components are working properly and no wires need replacing or repairs made due replacements caused by animal traffic or extreme weather conditions like flooding or heavy snowfall.

Additionally, make sure you recalibrate the power levels on a regular basis so they remain consistent throughout each season change - this helps keep them more effective over time and prevents discharged batteries from early failure due to becoming too weak over time in colder climates affecting performance levels.

9.Who makes the best electric dog fences?

Their is no best answer to the question. The best electric dog fences on the market today will depend on the size of your dog,  the area you want to cover and the terrain you are working with.  Make sure to research the various options you have and see which is best for your situation.

10.What are the benefits of an invisible dog fence?

The benefits of an invisible dog fence are numerous and can be a great way to keep your pet safe while giving them the freedom to roam your yard.

One of the main reasons for using an invisible dog fence is that there is no physical boundary that needs to be installed, which saves time and money compared to traditional fencing.

You won't have to worry about building or purchasing materials like wood or metal, and you won't need professional installation either. With wireless fences, it's just as easy as turning on the power switch and plugging it into an outlet - in some cases all you need is batteries!

Another benefit of an invisible dog fence is that it offers flexibility when controlling your pet’s movement. Depending on the type of system you get, you can set up boundaries with radii anywhere from 50 feet up to several hundred feet (though most systems cover up basic 1/3 acre lots), allowing your pet plenty of room while still keeping them contained in a certain area as the dog approaches the boundary.

Additionally, many systems are adjustable so if you want more control over how far they're allowed to roam outside their comfortable space then this can often be easily changed with minimal effort.

Invisible fences also provide extra safety features such as warnings when pets wander too close towards danger areas - typically with audible alarms but some companies offer other types like electric shocks (this feature should only be used with caution).

Plus they’re not linked exclusively indoors so if any part of the perimeters become damaged during bad weather events then repairs and replacements can usually take place relatively quickly without too much hassle or expense involved for owners.

Finally another big advantage is that these types of fences don’t affect neighbours who may have objections related to height visibility etcetera; making them ideal for residential settings where privacy could otherwise be compromised by traditional barriers or walls being built around property lines.

They also look aesthetically pleasing from both sides meaning both owner and neighbour will feel content knowing no one's property has been negatively impacted by additional fencing structures appearing out unwantedly!


If you have an inquisitive and energetic dog that loves to explore, then investing in an invisible dog fence may be the best decision you make as a dog owner.

Not only do these wireless dog fences offer flexibility and convenience when it comes to controlling your pet’s physical fencing area and movement, they also provide extra safety features and are less obtrusive than traditional fencing.

They can be adjusted as needed and require minimal maintenance so you don’t have to worry about potential damage caused by extreme weather conditions or other outside forces. Investing in an invisible fence system is   a great way to keep your pet safe and give them the freedom they need to roam without worrying about escape with the use of a dog's collar.

If you’re looking for an easy, affordable, and efficient way of containing your dog at home or on the go, then an invisible dog fence may be just what you need. Do some research on the different types of systems available and decide which one is best for your situation depending on your dog you may need an extreme dog fence, wireless dog fences or electric dog fences.

If you have multiple dogs make sure you get a dog fence system that can accommodate multiple dog collars. If your dog is very active in water, make sure you get a invisible fence system that has comes with a waterproof collar.  If you have a very active dog, look at an extreme dog fence.  Invisible fences come in many different features, so get the best invisible fence system for your needs.

By keeping your dog safe and contained while also giving them the freedom to roam, you'll provide them with the best of both worlds. And with so many different invisible fence systems on the market, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the best invisible dog fence for your furry friend today!