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Best 5 Products for a Road Trip with Fido!

Going on a road trip with your furry friend can be a lot of fun, but it's important to make sure you're prepared!
Best 5 Products for a Road Trip with Fido!

Going on a road trip with your furry friend can be a lot of fun, but it's important to make sure you're prepared. There are a number of dog roadtrip products out there that can make the experience easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pet. In this blog post, we will discuss the five best products for taking your dog on a road trip!

Going on a road trip with your furry friend?

We’ve got everything you need to make sure your pup has a great time on the open road. From carriers and crates to bedding and toys, we’ve got your dog covered.

A happy dog makes for a happy road trip – so make sure yours is taken care of from start to finish. Shop our selection of products and get ready for some fun family memories.

Check out our blog now and find the perfect products for your pooch that will keep dog car safety on the top of the list!

How We Choose The Best

Taking your dog on a road trip can be a lot of fun, but it's not always easy to know what to pack for them.

A lot of people think that all they need to do is pack some water and food for their dog and they're good to go, but that's not always the case. Depending on where you're going and what you'll be doing, there are a few other things you'll need to bring along with you.

That's where we come in. We've put together a list of the best road trip products for your dog so that you can hit the open road without worrying about them. From portable water bowls and collapsible dog bowl to leashes and toys, we've got everything you need to make sure your furry friend is comfortable and happy during your trip.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best road trip products for your pet. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

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Toozey SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs

Best for Comfort and Quality

Toozey SUV Cargo Liner

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Why We Like It

Looking for a tear-resistant and durable pet cargo cover liner that will protect your trunk from dirt, scratches, and dog hair? Look no further than the Toozey SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs!

This dog car hammock features side protection to keep your bumper well protected, and the overhang flap prevents your dog from getting into the back of your car.

The standard size dog car hammock for dogs fits universally into most standard vehicle areas, making it perfect for SUV, station wagon, and small car applications.

For full size trucks and large SUVs, you may consider the XL size dog car hammock. Order your Toozey SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs today!

What Else You Should Know

The trunk cover has 8 hook and loop straps and 2 snap fasteners on the headrests for stable attachment. It can be easily installed and removed within a minute, thanks to the waterproof 600D Oxford material and PP cotton padding.

This will protect your dog car hammock completely from liquids, dirt, scratches and hair.  Dirt and dog hair can be easily wiped with a simple damp cloth! The leash or toy can be neatly stowed away- no loose stuff in the trunk!

The additional foldable dog bowl keeps your dog hydrated. All in all, this is a great product for anyone with an active lifestyle who also happens to have a furry friend!

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp

Best Folding Dog Ramp

PetSafe Folding Ramp

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Why We Like It

Looking for a ramp that is easy to carry and store, but can still support your pet's weight? Look no further than the PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp! This ramp is perfect for helping your furry friend get in and out of the car on their own.

The heavy-duty construction can support pets up to 150 lb, while the lightweight design means the ramp only weighs 10 pounds. Plus, the folding feature makes it easy to store in your car between stops. Give your pet the independence they crave with the PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp.

What Else You Should Know

A ramp can provide your furry friend with a safe and easy way to get in and out of your vehicle. Many ramps feature a high-traction surface that helps to prevent slipping, and side rails help to keep your pet from falling off the edge.

Ramps also typically fold in half for easy storage, and some models even come with a safety latch to help keep it securely in place. When shopping for a ramp, be sure to pay attention to the size and weight capacity to ensure that it will be able to accommodate your pet.

For smaller pets, a ramp that is 62 inches long and 16 inches wide should suffice. However, if you have a larger pet, you may need a ramp that is longer and/or wider. Whatever size you choose, a ramp can be a great way to help your furry friend get around safely.

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Best Life Jacket

Outward Hound Life Jacket

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Why We Like It

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your dog is short and stout or long and lanky, there's a dog life jacket fit for them. Available in sizes XS-XL and featuring adjustable straps, we've made it easy for you to choose a size that supports them based on their girth measurement. We recommend sizing up if the dog's girth size is on the higher end of this size.

The Outward Hound Granby Splash life jacket for dogs is designed with bright colors and reflective accents to provide better visibility while swimming. A front neck float helps keep your dog's head above water whether they are a novice or experienced swimmer.

What Else You Should Know

The Granby Splash dog life vest is constructed with ripstop material that provides maximum buoyancy in the water without restricting movement on land. Adjustable straps and side release buckles provide a secure fit and neoprene belly band supports their chest and belly while getting their float on!

A top grab handle makes it easy to restrain and lift your dog out of the water and provides easy access for a rescue should they get into trouble.

PetAmi Dog Travel Bag Backpack

Best Travel BackPack

PetAmi Dog Travel BackPack

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Why We Like It

Introducing the PetAmi Dog Travel Backpack – the perfect travel companion for you and your furry best friend! This dog travel bag is designed for ultimate convenience and comfort, whether you're taking a weekend getaway or heading to the airport. It's airline compliant and fits easily under a seat, making travel a breeze.

The large inner compartment is perfect for storing all your pet's essentials, while the poop bag dispenser pocket and multiple functional storage pockets keep everything organized. Plus, the built-in adjustable flap allows you to customize the fit so your pet is always comfortable making this a dog road trip essentials.

What Else You Should Know

Whether you're hiking, camping, or just exploring the great outdoors, the PetAmi Dog Travel Backpack has everything you need to make it an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet!

This pet travel bag comes with 2 food containers bag and 2 collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated and fed during travel. Large capacity with 4L volume of each food container bag to make sure you have enough dog food

ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit

Best First Aid Kit

Arca Cat & Dog First Aid Kit

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Why We Like It

Introducing the ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit! This comprehensive kit has everything you need to take care of your furry friend in case of emergency, and is perfect for both minor and major first aid situations.

The digital thermometer and pet medicine feeder are essential tools for keeping your pet healthy, while the emergency slip lead leash and mini flashlight allow you to keep them safe in any situation. With this kit by your side, you can rest assured that your pet is always well-protected.

What Else You Should Know

Being prepared for any emergency is essential, especially when spending time in the great outdoors. Our Pet First Aid Kit is designed to help you be as prepared as possible, with everything you need to care for your pet in an emergency.

The kit includes items for wound care, skin and coat care, and digestive care, as well as a pet first aid book. The night reflective zipper and glow in the dark letter design make it easy to find the bag in the dark, and the lightweight design means it won't weigh you down on your adventures.

Whether you're a camper, hiker, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, our Pet First Aid Kit is a must-have.


1.What do I need for my dog on a road trip?

  • Sufficient food and water for the entire trip.
  • Treats
  • Dog poop bags
  • A leash
  • Harness
  • Dog car hammock
  • A blanket or towel for your pup to lie on
  • A favorite chew toy or bone
  • A current picture of your dog (to show to people in case you get separated).
  • Dog's Id tags with detailed travel information, including your cell phone number.

2.How do I prepare my dog for a long trip?

Bring jugs or bottled water for your pet, and give him a water break — along with a chance to stretch his legs and relieve himself — every few hours. Unless you're going on a multi-day trip, avoid giving him food during a road trip. You could easily wind up with a carsick dog

3.How do you calm a dog down on a long car ride?

  • Get Your Pet Acclimated to the Car. One of the biggest reasons why your pet becomes nervous while riding in the car is because they are not used to it.
  • Food and Water. Make sure to give your pet food and water.
  • Bring Their Toys.
  • Pet Safety Seat Belt.

4.How long of a road trip can a dog go on?

Ideally, you should try to match your dog's normal routine for potty breaks and meals while on the road, but this may be difficult to do. On average, you should give your dog a break every 2 to 4 hours for about 15 to 30

minutes each, and plan on driving no more than 7 hours per day

5.What calms a dog while traveling?

Some pets might travel better if there's soothing music or fresh air in the car. Try playing classical music, soft rock, or reggae (read about what types of music are most calming for dogs here) or opening the windows a bit. Just don't let your dog put their head out the window.

6.What can I give my dog to sleep while traveling?

There are many dog calming treats you can give your dog that are made specifically for dogs that can help calm your dog on the road.

7.Are road trips stressful for dogs?

It depends on your dog but you start by taking short practice trips in the car that end at places he enjoys, like the dog park.

8.How often should you stop on a road trip with a dog?

Plan to take a 15 to 30 minute break every 4 hours. You can also make very long trips more enjoyable for both of you if you plan stops at locations with pet-friendly attractions, even if it's just a nice dog park.

9.Should I feed my dog before a long road trip?

This can upset your dog's tummy and bring on motion sickness, which is the last thing you'll want on a long journey.

10.Can I give my dog Benadryl for a road trip?

If you are using Benadryl to help your dog's motion sickness, be sure to give it 30 to 60 minutes before you start the trip to keep your pup's tail wagging. This medication can also be given with or without food. Benadryl works quickly, and you should start to see its effects within the first hour.


There you have it - the best dog products to make your trip a success! By being prepared and bringing along the right supplies, you can rest assured that your dog will be safe, happy and comfortable on the journey.  You should also use a seat belt incase of a sudden stops. You don't want your pet thrown in case of an accident. Your dog should ride in the back seat or cargo area at the back of a SUV to make sure he stays away from the front seat so as not to distract you when you are driving.