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Are You Looking for a Luxury Sofa Dog Bed? Look No Further!

Learn about the different types of dog sofas that are available depending on your needs.
Are You Looking for a Luxury Sofa Dog Bed? Look No Further!

Do you want your pet to be as comfortable as you are when you lounge on your sofa?

We have the perfect solution – a luxury dog bed that will make your pet feel right at home. Our beds are designed to provide maximum comfort for your furry friend, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find the perfect one for your pet.

Your pet will love snuggling up in one of our soft, cozy dog beds. And since they’re made from high-quality materials, they’ll last for years. Plus, our unique designs will add personality to any room in your home.

Order a luxury dog bed today and see how happy your pet will be!

How We Choose The Best

Your dog deserves the best, but buying them a luxury sofa can be expensive.

Dogs are part of the family, and they should have a comfortable place to rest just like everyone else in the house.

Check out these luxury sofa dog beds will be perfect for your furry friend. These stylish pet beds are made with high-quality materials and construction that will last for years. Plus, it's easy to clean so you can keep your home looking its best.

We read through 1000's of Amazon reviews to find the best luxury sofa dog beds. We only selected products that have 4 or 5 stars and have been reviewed by dozens of people.

PawProven is impartial and is not affiliated with any brands or organizations. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and may result in a small commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you.

Yonnie Room - Pet Sofa with Luxury PU Leather

Best For Sturdy Wooden Frame

Yonnie Room Dog Sofa Bed

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Why We Like It

Welcome pet owners, do you want your fur-baby to enjoy all the creature comforts they deserve? The Yonnie Room Dog Sofa beds are designed with superior luxury PU leather that's as durable as it gets.

Not only are these sofa dog beds stylish and modern, but the sturdy wooden frame has been constructed to ensure maximum comfort for your pet.

The soft cushion is even machine washable - keeping their sleeping arrangements fresh and clean! With its embracing design, the Yonnie Room Dog Sofa makes for an attractive addition to any home.

And thanks to the high-quality sponge and wood used in its construction, you can rest assured that your pet's bed will remain in great shape for years to come. Give your furry friend just what they need - a Yonnie Room Pet Sofa!

What Else You Should Know

This pet sofa, measuring 28.7” long by 16” wide, and 12.7” height with a seat area of 20.2” x 11.6” and 9" from the ground, is designed to comfortably hold small dog breeds weighing up to 15 pounds.

Its PU cover makes it easy to keep clean; simply wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap for stains. For maximum reliability, make sure the dog sofa is placed on an even surface as your pet enjoys time in its snuggly confines.

Tov Furniture - The Dachshund Collection

Best For Velvet Upholstery

Tov Furniture Dashshund Collection

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Why We Like It

Welcome your pet to the comfort and luxury that they deserve with the Tov Furniture Dachshund Collection. This modern, elevated dog bed is designed to provide optimal comfort and stability thanks to its solid wood frame and unyielding PVC material legs.

Measuring 33"W x 20''D x 16.5''H and weighing 21 lbs., this sofa dog bed is sure to add a stylish touch of comfort to your home while also giving your pup a place of their own to crash at night.

All of our products come pre-assembled for your convenience so that you can relieve yourself from fussing over complicated instructions! Different breeds have different needs, so why not give yours the perfect haven with the Tov Furniture Dachshund Collection?

What Else You Should Know

Offering the perfect combination of style and practicality, the luxury velvet pet beds from TOV Furniture blend comfort and contemporary elegance.

Their distinctive features such as button tufting and nail head trim are among the finest around – and that’s not all: each cushion is also resistant and washable, allowing you to keep it in peak condition for longer.

What’s more, TOV Furniture's commitment to innovation makes their products unique and uncompromisingly luxurious. With these pet beds, you can be sure to refresh your home décor in an instant.

Enchanted Home Pet Sailor Sofa

Best For Insider-Locking Frame Mechanism

Enchanted Home Pet Sailor Sofa

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Why We Like It

In the search for the perfect pet bed, do your furry friends deserve something special? With the Enchanted Home Pet Sailor Sofa, now you can give them just that. Let your four-legged friends curl up in comfort in a bed that caters to their unique shape and needs and give them the same luxury your dog desires.

This sofa is crafted with luxurious velvety soft fabric to keep them cozy and warm, while 1.5-inch legs lift the bed off the floor to provide plenty of draft-free air.

Pets who like to lean or curl will love having a homey sanctuary designed specifically for them. And designed with metals legs that resist rust and also comes equipped with an Insider-Locking Frame Mechanism for extra durability.

The Enchanted Home Pet Sailor Sofa is sure to bring an unprecedented level of comfort to your pet companion’s day!

What Else You Should Know

The Enchanted Home Pet Sailor Sofa is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. Not only does its deep seated cushions and durable construction make it the perfect spot for your pet to curl up and relax, but its removable and machine washable cushion cover, as well as its easy to spot cleanable surfaces, give you peace of mind knowing that upkeep won't be a problem.

With mild detergent, you can keep your sofa looking just like new every day. Not only does this provide ease of mind on any messes or dirt from being tracked onto the dog sofa, but its modern appearance allows it to fit nicely into any home!

TOV Furniture The Hound Collection

Best For Handmade Solid Oak Frame

Tov Furniture - The Hound Collection

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Why We Like It

Welcome your four-legged best friend to a home away from home with The Hound Collection by TOV Furniture! These modern, elevated luxury dog sofa beds are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, giving your beloved pup the rest he or she deserves.

Crafted with a durable, weathered oak frame, this elegant yet simple style offers maximum security and incomparable stability that will easily stand the test of time. Measuring 15”Wx29.5”Lx29.5”H and weighing only 38lbs, this lightweight construction is remarkably easy to move around the house!

The legs are also crafted from supportive weathered oak wood for further longevity. Best of all, you don’t even have to worry about assembly — this sofa dog bed comes ready-to-go straight out of delivery! Treat your furry family member to quality furniture today and pick up The Hound Collection by TOV Furniture today!

What Else You Should Know

Gain some timeless style and all-important practicality with TOV Furniture's Velvet Pet Bed Cushion Cover; a luxurious piece of pet furniture that is upholstered in elegant velvet and features sophisticated tufted cushion , a classic nail head trim and a waterproof, washable cover.

Showcasing their commitment to providing innovative pet furniture, TOV Furniture's vision has become reality thanks to the dedicated industry leaders behind them.

With this stylish pet cushion cover as your go-to choice for comfort, you can ensure your dogs love and feel nothing but comfort and luxury wherever they happen to be snoozing!

PAPITLULU Pet Sofa Bed with Storage

Best For Storage


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Why We Like It

Say goodbye to dull pet furniture and hello to comfort with the PAPITLULU Pet Sofa Bed with Storage! This sofa is designed for both pets and people in mind, giving everyone a comfy place to kick back and relax.

Our premium velvet material is reinforced with textile mesh, so it won't tear easily. Plus, high density sponge and flannelette materials create a soft and comfortable pillowy seating experience for your pets will love while they nap or watch TV.

The PAPITLULU Pet Sofa Bed with Storage also comes with storage in the form of hidden side pockets, making it perfect for storing toys, leashes, treats or anything you'd like to keep out of sight.

Best of all, assembly takes minutes - just screw on the chair legs into the base board with no need for screws or nuts. The neutral tones fit in well with any decor theme so it'll never look out of place.

So give your furry family member the ultimate seating spot - get the PAPITLULU Pet Sofa Bed with Storage today and start living life to its fullest!

What Else You Should Know

If you are looking for the perfect dog sofa beds for your cats or small dogs like schnauzer, Papillon, chihuahua, poodle, shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, pomeranian, or maltese then you should check out our dog sofa beds.

It is made with a removable cover and washable cushion cover that will allow your pet to curl up and be comfortable when they sleep. The legs of the dog's bed sofa are crafted from unyielding yet supportive PVC material which elevate it 2" off the floor to keep your pet draft free.

We also included a pocket for storing toys and bones which can be accessed easily. Make sure to check our size information carefully before placing an order so that your new dog sofa beds are just right for your fur baby.


1.What fabric does dog hair not stick to?

Fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and satin repel most pet hair.

2.Is leather or cloth couch better for dogs?

Leather couchs are better for dogs because leather is tough. It's easy to clean and it's puncture resistant.  Dog sofa beds come in a variety of fabrics   that are water resistant or water repellent for easy cleaning.

3.What is the most durable fabric for a couch with dogs?

There is no definitive answer to this question since dogs can be quite different in terms of their propensity to damage furniture. However, one fabric that is often cited as being particularly durable for households with pets is leather.

Leather is relatively easy to clean and resistant to scratches and bites. Another option is a microfiber fabric, which is also tough and easy to clean.

4.What type of furniture is best with dogs?

Furniture that is best with dogs is furniture that is easy to clean and doesn't have any sharp edges. For example, a sectional couch might be a good option because it can easily be vacuumed and there are no sharp corners for your dog to get injured on.

Another option would be an ottoman or a beanbag chair because they are both soft and easy to clean.

5.What is the best material for a couch if you have pets?

If you have pets, the best material for a couch is one that is easy to clean and does not show pet hair or dirt.

Microfiber fabrics are a good choice because they are both easy to clean and resistant to pet hair and dirt.

You should also look for removeable covers that are machine washable or easy to wipe clean.  The upholstery fabric on the dog sofa should be easy to clean.

Alternatively, leather is also a good choice because it is easy to clean and does not show pet hair or dirt.

6.What kind of leather furniture is best with dogs?

Leather furniture is best with dogs because it is easy to clean and durable.

Leather furniture is a good option because it is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and it doesn't show scratches or hair as much as other types of furniture.

You should also look for dog beds or dog sofas that have orthopedic foam or memory foam, especially if you have older dogs or large dogs.

Make sure if you have golden retrievers or other large dog that the bed accommodates the dog's size.

7.Do dogs ruin velvet couches?

Yes, dogs can ruin velvet couches. Dogs are often dirty and may track mud or other debris onto the couch. They may also chew on the couch, leaving behind tufts of hair or bits of fabric.

In addition, dog saliva is acidic and may damage the velvet over time. If you have a dog, it's best to keep them off of the couch entirely or to cover it with a protective blanket when they're not being supervised.

8.Do dogs ruin leather couches?

There is some risk that dogs may damage leather couches, but it largely depends on the particular dog and the couch.

Some dogs are gentle and won't damage furniture, while others may be more prone to scratching or biting. If you have a dog, it's important to carefully observe them when they're around furniture and take steps to protect your couch if necessary.

For example, you could put a blanket or towel over the couch cushion when your dog is lying on it.

9.Does faux leather hold up to pets?

It depends on the faux leather. Some materials, like vinyl, are more durable and easier to clean than others. If you're concerned about your pet damaging your furniture, it's best to do some research on the specific type of faux leather before making a purchase.

Many pet owners choose faux leather furniture because it's easy to clean and doesn't show dirt or hair as easily as other materials. Faux leather can also be a more affordable option for those who want the look and feel of leather without paying the price tag.

Just be sure to test any new piece of furniture with your pet before buying it, just in case there are any compatibility issues.

10.Is there a dog that doesn't shed and doesn't need grooming?

There is no such thing as a dog that doesn't shed and doesn't need grooming. All dogs shed, and all dogs need to be groomed regularly.

Some breeds of dog may shed less than others, and some breeds may require less frequent grooming, but there is no breed of dog that doesn't both shed and need grooming.


Leather sofas are a classic furniture piece that can make any living room look luxurious. If you're looking for a high-end dog sofa that will make your pet feel like royalty, consider one of these three options.

From chesterfields to sectionals, there's a luxury dog sofa out there for every type of pup.